Communication Takes Place

​Wo – The one who is communicating with me is one not only reading but also sending msgs to me.
Ta – Who?
Wo – It’s not necessary to know with whom you are communicating with. Both the ends of communication knows that communication is taking place, that’s it. I’m at my side, I don’t know who is or who are, on other side. For me, it’s not necessary. I’m not eager to know about other end. I’m satisfied with my side, that the communication is being taken place. If one is eager, to know about unknown, is having doubt, fear, incompleteness, fluctuation from oneself.
Ta – And how about the communication?
Wo – That is only one can know. It’s by senses. You get or receive informations. You know informations. You have to rely on your senses. I know what information I receive through my senses. It’s communication between my senses and outside world. I communicate with outside world though my senses. If i have got malaria, I will feel cold and that will be my truth not the truth of outside world. My communication will be true. Communication is complete – maybe information is right or wrong, but I have to be relying on my senses.
Ta – Is it kind of mystic experience?
Wo – Na! All mystics were people who achieved the level but failed to communicate exactly. Buddha, Mahavira, ..list goes on. Jiddu was more clear than previous Buddhas but he was accepted by a group only while Osho has become a spiritual entertainment for people. No mystical experience is there. Everything which is experienced is truth for individual. Outside world is unknown.
Ta – You reject society.
Wo – I’m not sure about people around me.
Ta – If UG Krishnamurti said himself ‘A barking Dog,’ you must be a ‘Crying UG.’
Wo – He rejected Nirvana, Moksha, Salvation, any kind of enlightenment, ..buddhahood was a business in his view. And he was Not a Barking Dog. It’s people’s view about him he said, what he consider himself. Without UG’s philosophy, Jiddu and Osho are not complete.
Ta – It’s not the answer.
Wo – There was no question but a full stop. I maybe misunderstood it as completion of you.
Ta – We all assume something and believe it as it’s only true. For example – you assumed that my sentence is completed and you started reacting or answering or ..that something you said.
Wo – Should I say?
Ta – You are not that obedient to seek my permission you big brat. You are a rebellious voice. Is that a joke you asked me you should say?
Wo – We assume. And we all are in that cage of our assumptions. We are inside of our knowledge. That is also made by assumptions and informations too.
Ta – Who is that sending you msgs from other side?
Wo – The one, I’m communicating with.
Ta – Is that something like imaginary described in theistic religious books?
Wo – Don’t try to generalize it. Let it be what it is. Otherwise you may stuck with God Ishwara Allah Jew etc. Don’t name it and you remain free. You name it and you are misguided.
01:32 a.m. Saturday 27th May 2017


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