Silver Medium and Dark sides of Spiritual Wisdom

Silver Medium And Dark Side Of Enlightenment!
Osho was a wonderful person!

I don’t like to read or listen him anymore after knowing that he was explaining the same thing in new way.

He was wonderful because he rose to fame without base. He was one of some enlightened sages who achieved popularity, fame and criticism on level that has been impossible for religious teachers so far. He respected Jiddu but Jiddu didn’t achieve that level of fame and popularity. Osho dared to criticize traditions that Jiddu could not. UG has been criticizing everything everyone and that’s also an important way to see everything. Osho is wonderful because he contains everything. Jiddu is silver side of spiritual wisdom like Mahavira. UG  was the dark side like Ajit Keskambalin. It was Osho who couraged to get down on level of normal people like Siddhartha Gautama.
I think, it is easy to stay at peace after achieving that level. Siddhartha and Osho rejected to enjoy peace. They criticized traditions, they challenged to priests, they received fame, critics, popularity, more that both – the silver and dark side spiritual achievers.
Shaiva – a philosophy that includes both, good and evil, white and black, right and wrong, are equal parts of the same. You separate the good from bad when mind is in duality. Like TAI-CHI. Both parts are equal, important, no part is more or less important than the other. Right also has a little wrong in it, wrong too has a little right in it. In SouthAsian Subcontinent, Shaiva Philosophy accept that. It also knows the Medium – the Master.
Mahavira, Buddha, Ajita ..Jiddu, Osho, UG .. there are many more but I find these are best examples to clarify Shukla, Medium and Krishna paksha of That Wisdom. I respect all seges and saints same, equally, I didn’t mention their names.
Ye ca buddha atita ca

Ye ca buddha anagata!

Pachupanna ca ye buddha,

Aham vandami sabbada!!
10:02 a.m. Thursday 1st June 2017


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