Thought After Thinking aLot

“Thought After Thinking aLot” is actually my Whatsapp posts in keralite groups every morning. They all post in Malayalam while I don’t understand even a word of their language, they keep me there with them. I try to keep my posts a bit funny hoping not to hurt anyone. Sometimes my title for posts are “Thought After Drinking aLot” and sometimes “Thought After Sleeping aLot” but both doesn’t suit to be all time title. Another is my name – I mention my name Shraddhanshu Shekhar at the end with “Mumbai Ka Chokra.” I wanted to add “Swami” word with my name but after two-three times I dropped the idea. Now I have left “Mumbai Ka Chokra” also and started using “Kosmian” instead. Kosmi is name of the village I was born. 
Here is my yesterday’s post under *Thought After Thinking aLot* 🎣
_Life is very short. It’s like small size cigarette that finishs before you start enjoy smoking. You can buy a longer cigarette but that is expensive. Some people in Mumbai, I see nowadays, they smoke long, thin, white colour cigarettes. That is very expensive. Poor people cannot afford expensive cigarettes. So poor people smoke bidi, that old style Indian cigarette made by leaves of Tendu Patta Tree. They seems supporting traditional Indian culture by smoking Bidi while Cigarette Smokers looks like promoting western culture. I don’t support any of both. I supprt AgriCulture, because farmers are backbone of India. I respect farmers. I respect you all who tolerate my thoughts everyday. Thank you._
*– Shraddhanshu Shekhar, Kosmian* 😋


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