Immoving Ocean

A large, stilled, ocean

that one can’t measure,

But floats from a point to the other

 – that can be straight or zigzag,

circular or any.
In deep,

there is no movement, but on surface, it seems moving.

– like air or speed makes it moving 

towards no decided way.
One floats from one point to other.
They call it Time 

– which is nothing but product of their minds.

They see, –

sunrise and sunset everyday,

some seasons repetitively,

and they imagine two points,

and the journey between points

they call it time.
Time doesn’t take anyone to anywhere. 

It’s one who floats,

and thinks

that some distance has been passed, 

some experiences has been gained, 

something good or bad he feels is

from personal perspective,

but Time is, was and will be,

always there

 – same, stilled.
20:16 Monday 12nd June 2017


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