Ta – ..ok, maybe you are right, and of course you are right according to your experiences, your self realisations, but, what is use of it? And everyone knows what and how to do something, ..job or act, ..anything, and how can you say that they are wrong? Their experiences, there lifestyle, are for them and they are happy.
Wo – Right.
Ta – So, why do you need to tell them your truth? Their truth is good for them. Right?
Wo – Right.
Ta – Then you should let them live with their truths. They know how to deal with their difficulties. Their obstacles in their lives are ok for them, and if there are no problems in life, life would become boring. Right?
Wo – I don’t know why people avoid problems. I think they all want peaceful happy life, sometimes something exciting too. I don’t see them praying for getting problems in their lives.
Ta – But without problems, life will be boring.
Wo – Boredom is related to repeating of something.
Ta – ..and life is a repeated cycle of days and nights.
Wo – I don’t think it’s right definition of life.
Ta – What is life then, according to you.
Wo – According to me, you, religious books or science.. different views, different aspects to see something.
Ta – What is life then?
Wo – My view is not important on this topic, neither your or from religious books. What science says should be accepted until it’s proved wrong.
Ta – You cannot escape from questions.
Wo – Answer is already there. My words would infect it.
Ta – You try to be JK but the fact is you are nothing before JK, UG, Mehar, have some illusions, about yourself. You think you are spiritual, very thoughtful, with some insights, but actually you are a person who is getting frustrated because of no fame, no money, at this age. You are unhappy inside and all your outer peace comes from your depression not the spiritual knowledge.
Wo – Hmm
03:52 am Thursday 22nd June 2017


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