Write For Self

Copy-Paste is not satisfactory.

It’s on Whatsapp and Facebook that people do much copy-paste, forwarding and sharing someone’s post in other groups or their walls.
Copy-paste, forwarding and sharing are not good for one who wants to empty himself. Here it’s my space, here I write for myself. I am here far from the population which are busy following, commenting, criticizing and fighting with each others on social sites. I wonder why people take Twitter posts so seriously and the foolish is – newspapers make news on Twitter posts.
Writing is a tool for them who want to read their mind. It helps to know what and how is in one’s mind – condition is – to write honestly. When writing is not to impress anything anyone or criticize or praising others, its for self. To examine yourself. To see how one’s thoughts has been being changed. How emotions works inside.
One who writes for himself, is actually emptying himself. It’s dumping your thoughts and emotions outside somewhere. If it’s on Facebook, it creates dissatisfaction and unhappiness inside. It may disturb relationship also.
13:25 Sunday 25th June 2017


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