Upside Down Causation Theory 

Q. When I you are an enlightened / When you already know the truth, why do you need to go back for that? It is like you are in university and going back to college.
A. 1 – If one has got the certificate without proper study, if one has got the certificate because he could pass the examination, if one has got the certificate because the questions asked in examination he knew – he must go back through books to get all knowledge because what I has got is by luck not efforts.

2 – Causation Theory is applicable visavis. Cause-Act-Result and Result-Act-Cause. I have got the result first, so now I must cultivate myself the same way sages used to cultivate before getting enlightenment.

3 – Just let me go and wish me luck.



Two Chalks

Master showed us a small chalk, less than one inch long, and asked, ‘Is it small?’

Of course.

Then he showed a little longer chalk compared to the previous one, almost one and a half inches long, and asked, ‘Is it also the small?’

‘No. It’s bigger’ people say.

‘Actually, both chalks are in or with their length. They are not competitors to prove themselves smaller or bigger than the other. It’s our mind which is comparing them’ I said.
I am also not in any competition or race. I am not to defeat anyone. I compare things in far-near, black-white, wheatish-brown.. to use common sense not to look-down anyone, anything. When I am compared with people – they are rich, they have bought their homes, they have cars.. – I am put into the race in which I never wanted to be. I don’t compare that – do they know Tai Chi? They did theatre? They know meditation skils? ..but yes, money, which was a medium to ease exchange things but has become main cause for all kinds of Evils, is necessary. And I am not good to have it.
Both of the chalks never even have the idea what human beings were talking about them. Chalks do not have consciousness, life.

We human beings are cursed to have comparing mind.
22:29 Thursday 22nd June 2017


Ta – ..ok, maybe you are right, and of course you are right according to your experiences, your self realisations, but, what is use of it? And everyone knows what and how to do something, ..job or act, ..anything, and how can you say that they are wrong? Their experiences, there lifestyle, are for them and they are happy.
Wo – Right.
Ta – So, why do you need to tell them your truth? Their truth is good for them. Right?
Wo – Right.
Ta – Then you should let them live with their truths. They know how to deal with their difficulties. Their obstacles in their lives are ok for them, and if there are no problems in life, life would become boring. Right?
Wo – I don’t know why people avoid problems. I think they all want peaceful happy life, sometimes something exciting too. I don’t see them praying for getting problems in their lives.
Ta – But without problems, life will be boring.
Wo – Boredom is related to repeating of something.
Ta – ..and life is a repeated cycle of days and nights.
Wo – I don’t think it’s right definition of life.
Ta – What is life then, according to you.
Wo – According to me, you, religious books or science.. different views, different aspects to see something.
Ta – What is life then?
Wo – My view is not important on this topic, neither your or from religious books. What science says should be accepted until it’s proved wrong.
Ta – You cannot escape from questions.
Wo – Answer is already there. My words would infect it.
Ta – You try to be JK but the fact is you are nothing before JK, UG, Mehar, have some illusions, about yourself. You think you are spiritual, very thoughtful, with some insights, but actually you are a person who is getting frustrated because of no fame, no money, at this age. You are unhappy inside and all your outer peace comes from your depression not the spiritual knowledge.
Wo – Hmm
03:52 am Thursday 22nd June 2017

Isolated : to meet Real People

Facebook – deactivated

Whatsapp – deleted

Contacts in phonebook – limited

Twitter, Instagram, wechat, line, telegram or any other social sites – no

Active on – Google plus, blogs
One does this to be isolated, to live in peace, to feel collected with self, ..maybe it is also if one is fed up of illusionary world and willing to have real friends who can meet face to face.
One himself is responsible for destroying his mental peace. So many unnecessary contacts. So many friends on web. Chatting emerged with emotions based on unrealistic causes.
Then why on blogs?

Here it’s my place. Nobody comes to read ano bother me with comments. I am not hidden though, I am ignored by mass because I am not a public figure.
How will I get information for auditions then?

Through real people I will meet face to face.
Let’s see, how long one can go!
23:07 Tuesday 20th June 2017

Knowing In Patches

Wo – Sariputta asked to Buddha, what should be his behaviour in front of women. Buddha said – “Don’t meet women.” Sariputta asked – “What if they come across?” Buddha replied – “Don’t see them.” Sariputta clarifies his question – “If they talk to me, then?” Buddha answered – “Reply them with mindfulness!”
This mindfulness is the same mentioned in Satipatthan, in each act, even in breathing, eating, when one urinets, 
Wo – ..even in sleeping, they say.
Ta – Is that possible? Sleeping with knowing?
Wo – I know knowing in patches that lasts for seconds to minutes.
Ta – And enlightened ones are those with mindfulness all time.
Wo – I think so.
Ta – You are influenced by Jiddu. You are jealous of Osho. You find similarities with UG.
Wo – Ok.
Ta – If you didn’t know to Jiddu, Osho, UG, you would be stealing thoughts from Buddha, Mahavira, Ajita, Makkali Ghoshal. Tell me if Osho hadn’t introduced Gurdgeff to you, you knew him?
Wo – Na. Osho was a knowing person. He had studied a lot.
Ta – Your talking doesn’t contain your words. Your way is actually way of Jiddu. You see, observe, analyse, things as Joddu does.
Wo – Ok.
Ta – What would you be without Jiddu?
Wo – I don’t know. You also don’t know, I think.
Ta – You should be yourself. You should find out your own way of thinking. You must practice for that. Stealing or adopting someone’s way will not make you en enlightened one.
Wo – Right.
Ta – What are you doing for that?
Wo – Do I need to do something for that?
Ta – If you want to be an enlightened one, that knowing, aware person.
Wo – Until one drops the ‘want,’ attachment is there.
Ta – Knowing is also there.
Wo – Ha.
Ta – And knowing liberates, right?
Wo – Yes.
Ta – Are you a knowing one?
Wo – In patches.
19:40 Friday 2nd June 2017

Master Knows

Ta – What are Doors to receive informations from outside world?
Wo – Doors for getting information from outside world are –






Chinese philosophy doesn’t include Skin in Five Senses. Rather they accept Consciousness, Intellect, Ability to Judge Right and Wrong. Indian philosophies recognize it as Sixth Sense. Western people misunderstand it with Intuitions. Dreams, Imaginations, Hypothesis, are not the main controller, the Master. All Indian philosophies even Charwaka accepted Sixth Sense as Swa Vivek, Intellect.
Ta – The Master, seems helpless, handicapped without Senses.
Wo – Here I have something not clear for me. Of course, without Senses, the Master is helpless to receive informations from outside world. But we should know that the Master knows everything. It may know something without Senses. It may also know something which is beyond the limits of our senses.
Ta – What is not clear in that.
Wo – Master seems, handicapped without Senses. But it also seems knowing all senses jobs too. Maybe your eyes cannot see something but The Master knows and informs you.
Ta – Intuitions?
Wo – It’s misunderstood with that, I have already said above.
Ta – If they don’t accept skin, or touch as a sense, how do they get information about hot and cold?
Wo – Actually, Chinese ancient people assumed that Eyebrows are the fifth sense. But it was wrong. South Asian philosophers believe skin as one of five senses are also wrong. It’s the Master who knows everything. He feels that hot or cold. He is the one who receives informations, analysis, synthesis and orders too.
Ta – Is that like Jeeva in Jain Philosophy?
Wo – Jeeva also has similarities with consciousness. Jeeva is a mixted concept of onsciousness, atman, Intellect, praana. Master is similar but not that.
Ta – Is that always in heaven?
Wo – No. There are different levels of mind. The heart experiences different feelings emerged by information from outside world or thoughts. If experiences are because of thoughts, that also either from inside or outside world. If Master is stronger than senses, it’s in heaven. If senses are out of control, or Master is under influence of one or more senses, it  definitely experiences the hall.
Ta – Seems that heaven and hell are state of mind.
Wo – All heaven and hell we read in books are imagination by our ancient people. It’s their way to tell us what and how they thought about results of good and bad.
Ta – Good and Bad also can be just results of our mind. One doesn’t like to chew tobacco and other likea to chew and smok it.
Wo – Result decides.
Ta – Is there always Cause-Action-Result ?
Wo – Sometimes it’s opposite of it and sometimes all three are at the same time.
Ta – Where is Master here? Doer, the one creating Causes or the one who experiences the Result?
Wo – The one, who observes the chain, without getting involved in process.
21:51 Wednesday 31st May 2017

Communication Takes Place

Wo – The one who is communicating with me is one not only reading but also sending msgs to me.
Ta – Who?
Wo – It’s not necessary to know with whom you are communicating with. Both the ends of communication knows that communication is taking place, that’s it. I’m at my side, I don’t know who is or who are, on other side. For me, it’s not necessary. I’m not eager to know about other end. I’m satisfied with my side, that the communication is being taken place. If one is eager, to know about unknown, is having doubt, fear, incompleteness, fluctuation from oneself.
Ta – And how about the communication?
Wo – That is only one can know. It’s by senses. You get or receive informations. You know informations. You have to rely on your senses. I know what information I receive through my senses. It’s communication between my senses and outside world. I communicate with outside world though my senses. If i have got malaria, I will feel cold and that will be my truth not the truth of outside world. My communication will be true. Communication is complete – maybe information is right or wrong, but I have to be relying on my senses.
Ta – Is it kind of mystic experience?
Wo – Na! All mystics were people who achieved the level but failed to communicate exactly. Buddha, Mahavira, ..list goes on. Jiddu was more clear than previous Buddhas but he was accepted by a group only while Osho has become a spiritual entertainment for people. No mystical experience is there. Everything which is experienced is truth for individual. Outside world is unknown.
Ta – You reject society.
Wo – I’m not sure about people around me.
Ta – If UG Krishnamurti said himself ‘A barking Dog,’ you must be a ‘Crying UG.’
Wo – He rejected Nirvana, Moksha, Salvation, any kind of enlightenment, ..buddhahood was a business in his view. And he was Not a Barking Dog. It’s people’s view about him he said, what he consider himself. Without UG’s philosophy, Jiddu and Osho are not complete.
Ta – It’s not the answer.
Wo – There was no question but a full stop. I maybe misunderstood it as completion of you.
Ta – We all assume something and believe it as it’s only true. For example – you assumed that my sentence is completed and you started reacting or answering or ..that something you said.
Wo – Should I say?
Ta – You are not that obedient to seek my permission you big brat. You are a rebellious voice. Is that a joke you asked me you should say?
Wo – We assume. And we all are in that cage of our assumptions. We are inside of our knowledge. That is also made by assumptions and informations too.
Ta – Who is that sending you msgs from other side?
Wo – The one, I’m communicating with.
Ta – Is that something like imaginary described in theistic religious books?
Wo – Don’t try to generalize it. Let it be what it is. Otherwise you may stuck with God Ishwara Allah Jew etc. Don’t name it and you remain free. You name it and you are misguided.
01:32 a.m. Saturday 27th May 2017