Pursue pleasure. It’s not about doing what you like but discovering how to like what you do.

Pay attention to your work. If you don’t think your work is worth paying attention to, why should anyone else?

Exist  (only) in the moment. Performance happens now. If you are not paying attention to the reality of now, you can not perform. (Luckily it’s always now, so you can always perform provided you pay attention).

Only pay attention to what you can affect. Your attention is limited. That makes it vulnerable. Don’t waste it on things you can do nothing about.

Have no opinion. In the moment that, something happens, it’s neither right or wrong. It simply is. Respond without opinion to the reality you are in.

Know (hierarchy of) tasks. Know what you must do. Know what you would like to do. Know what you could do. Ignore the rest.

Don’t be hopeful. Youdon’t know what someone else needs. If you guess, you are as likely to be wrong as right. Just do your job and give others the chance to discover for themselves what they need.

Get out of the way (your own way). Most of the time, the one who stops you doing what what you can do, is you.

You can not start at the end. However far up the mountain you climbed yesterday, you start at the bottom today.

Today is different… and so are you. If you went to be exceptional today, pay attention to whoyou are today.

Tomorrow will be different, so forgive yourself. Whatever you did today, you will do differently tomorrow.

Make mistakes. We learn by getting things wrong not by getting them right.

Only you can know what you can know. So only you can do what you can do. Hear advice. Learn from others. Trust yourself.

If there is nothing for you to do,  do nothing. Don’t fill up time with unnecessary thoughts and actions. Tou are only distracting yourself from being available.

Things really are easier if you if you allow yourself to smile.
Yes, really.

From Og Mandino’s book…

11 Rules For Living Human Being..