Suggestion for Youngers

Deepak Rao, my friend from Allahabad, called me yesterday. After formal questions he asked me if his cousin would come to Mumbai to make his career in acting? His phone was on loudspeaker. I suggested him not to send his cousin here for acting. I gave him my example, with no rupee balance in phone, wandering in Aram Nagar, Four Bungalows in Andheri West. One TVC ad, two digital ads, some episodic tv shows and just finished. Okay, everyone here is not like me. I also suggested that if his cousin is determined to come here, send him with time limits, and with enough financial backups too. Here trend has been changed. Everyone needs six-pack-abs, tall, fair, model looking heroic personality. Ok some exceptions are always everywhere but, I suggested to Deepak, if he watch TV artists, they all are rich looking, upmarket people. Mostly rich look is in requirements, average looking actors are rare who get continuity lead characters in TV. Of course, I am not talking about Marathi TV. They are much better than us.
Everyone has different experiences, different approach to observe their experience too, so their opinions are also different on same point. I would never suggest youngers to come in Mumbai for acting if they belong to poor or average financial backgrounds.
I didn’t talk to Deepak’s cousin. I think he would not listen me.
12:05 pm Friday 7th July 2017

Singing Is Good

Happiness makes you sing, and same with sadness too, even when you are angry, you can sing sometimes but depressed person does not sing. Singing is miraculous – it nourishes hope.
When I started theatre in 1999-2000, we used to sing JanaGeet in Samvet. We had only small book of JanaGeet and most of us had mugged up all songs. With or sometimes without dholak it was the best time of my school days. Samvet was dismantled soon and all seniors joined to Natya Kala Parishad, I was the only artist who joined Nutan Kala Niketan of that team. There, in Niketan, trend was different. They used to sing Folk songs and I found me not interested in that. I was from group with Communist ideology and here folk songs seemed to me of backward people. It took me a long time to realize that I was wrong.
I am not good at singing. Sometimes in Fotang, when I am asked to sing, I do, and them I feel a combination of embarrassment and happiness, both.
05:15 am Saturday 1st July 2017

10-15 May 2017

I had been so busy these days that I could not write any posts here. Two eye-catching incidents happened recently –

Riots in Saharanpur, started on 5th of May 2017

Mother’s Day on 14th of May
Recently I have come to know about Bhim Army or Bhim Sena in Saharanpur which has emerged as a social organization to help Dalits of Northern Indian Region. It’s has no outside political or financial support. Dalits still have to face insults in their daily life. Some other people of Valmiki community has threatened to be Muslims if they are not treated respectfully by other Hindus. Bhim Army is an organization which Dalits really needed against Hindu extremists, Bhagwa Terrorism and Upper Caste Hindus.
All media is their. Saharanpur is burning, news is there on Google, in newspapers, but TV NEWS is busy praising Modi and Yogi. If it’s no report related to Modi and Yogi, it starts provoking feelings against Pakistan. They woke up last time for  Dalits of Una after three weeks, I don’t know when these TVnews channels, Modi and Yogi will wake up for Dalits of Saharanpur!
It was Mother’s Day yesterday. I had celebrated the day with a small cute Tao community. My performance was not good but I enjoyed rest of programs by others. The celebration was better than last year celebration of mother’s day.

It’s again proved that Amit and Me can’t present a good performance. My superstition is still there. The speech of DCH supported my thinking that heaven and hell are nothing but state of mind, she said that in her encouragement to us.
Today, with no fix plan I left for auditions. In 128 part-1, I was said Fit, later I was said Not Fit. I came back to home. Met some friends in evening but I was sad, could not talk much.
23:09 Monday 15th May 2017

Real India Is Out Of TV Screens!

Ta – Yes?
Wo – Came for audition.
Ta – Reference?
Wo – Direct.
Ta – Only shortlisted auditions are going on.
Wo – Can I ask to casting person if I’m fit for the requirements?
Ta – No no.. he is busy. Take this email ID and send your profile. They will call you if you are required.
Wo – Ok

This is what happens mostly in production houses. If I visit audition studio to ask if any audition is going on or not, I get the answers are 

“Not Fit”

“Only UpMarket Look”

“Rich Look only”

“Now is casting for Leads only”


An average Indian is not white, not Tall! But they look fair people for Indian characters. Rich look means person belongs to upper or upper middle class family but Dhiru Bhai Ambani was not a rich looking man.
If they are casting for historical tv series, their requirements will be – Tall, above 6′, good built, 6 or 8 packs abs, fair..

— Shiva Ji was not 6′ tall. He was around 4′ and a thin. He, who belonged to a low-cost, untouchable community, rose to become an emperor, was not fair-skinned guy. Raja Raam, founder king of Bharatpur kingdom was said be normal looking man who used to wear a turban, no special expensive clothes. He used to wear just Kopin like all other his people.
What about Maharaja Ranjit Singh??

He was said to be an average physique man with spotted face, his one eye was damaged, according to a British historian.
Ok, if I leave these characters of historical tv series, mythological tv series also have such blunder casting mistakes. Every Hindu person knows that Krishna, Shiva and Rama were not fair-skinned men. Krishna, revealed by his name, was Black. Rama also was black and of course, Laxman was described more handsome than his elder brother. Shiva, who lives in mountains and popular among tribals was heavy-built but not fair-skinned, of course.

— What we have been being watched on television??


It’s matter of business! They have to run a show to earn money so they can’t show real faces on screen.
Real India has definitely grown up but it is still around in small cities and kasbas, not in metros, but people sitting inside channels are generation of burger & pizza. They don’t know taste of India! What they eat, they serve us.
20:36 Saturday 6th May 2017

दिखाने को दिखाना ज़रूरी है।

दिखाओ कि तुम दिखा रहे हो! उन तमाम विविध अन्दाज़ों में
जिन्हें तुम तब दिखाते हो, जब यह दिखाना होता है
कि लोग कैसे अपनी भूमिकाएँ अदा करते हैं,
दिखाने का अन्दाज़ कभी नहीं भूलना चाहिए
हर अन्दाज़ के पीछे दिखाने का अन्दाज़ मौजूद होना चाहिए
यह इस तरह होगा : यह दिखाने से पहले
कि कैसे कोई आदमी किसी को धोखा देता है या
ईर्ष्या से भर उठता है, या कोई सौदा पक्का करता है,
पहले दर्शकों की तरफ़ देखो, गोया तुम कहना चाहते हो :
‘अब ज़रा ग़ौर करें, यह आदमी किसी को धोखा
दे रहा है और इस तरह से दे रहा है,
जब वह ईष्या से भर उठता है तब ऐसा दीखता है,
और जब सौदा तय करता है तो ऐसे करता है’
इस तरह तुम्हारे दिखावे में दिखाने का अन्दाज़ आएगा,
जो भी बनाकर तैयार किया गया है उसे पेश करने का, पूरा करने का
और लगातार आगे बढ़ने का अन्दाज़
सो दिखाओ कि जो तुम दिखाते हो वह ऐसा है जिसे रोज ही दिखाते हो
और पहले भी अक़सर दिखा चुके हो, और तुम्हारा नाटक
किसी बुनकर के बुनाई करने सरीखा, किसी शिल्पकार की कृति सरीखा होगा
और जो चीज़ दिखाने से जुड़ी है, जैसे कि देखने को
ज़्यादा आसान बनाने में तुम्हारी लगातार दिलचस्पी,
हर प्रसंग केा हमेशा बेहतरीन ढंग से दिखाने की पूरी कोशिश,
उसे भी तुम्हें प्रकट करना चाहिए, तब यह सब
धोखा देना और सौदा करना और ईष्या से भर उठना
रोज़मर्रा के कार्य–व्यापार का स्वभाव लिये हुए होगा,
मसलन खाना खाने, सुबह नमस्कार करने
और अपना काम करने सरीखा (आख़िर तुम काम ही तो कर रहे हो न?)
और मंच पर
अपनी भूमिकाओं के पीछे तुम्हें ख़ुद भी उन्हें अदा करने वालों
के रूप में दिखते रहना होगा।
(दिखाने को दिखाना ज़रूरी है)

— ​बर्तोल्त ब्रेख़्त
अनु. : मंगलेश डबराल

(Whatsapp Post)

Just a Performer! 

How long you have been doing comedy?
Life is making fun of me, how I dare to do comedy?
So you don’t do comedy?
Never! I laugh at myself and people support me, that’s it.
Who brought you here?
I don’t know. Maybe it’s’s God like thing sent us all here.
Who invited you here for performance?
I am a performer. I perform. I have done performances in small bogi of train, railway stations, small streets in villages and cities, on stages and television also.
Aaah! Someone please get him out of here!
I have done my dinner.

I’m sleepy.
22:06 Saturday 15th April 2017

I Am What I Am!

Alok Ulfat sent an invitation msg in Dulari Dhamal Whatsapp group, few days ago. I was not sure to go there but when he asked us all if we were interested to meet him again after a long time, Bhaskar Bhaiya and me replied in positive way. Today was the meeting, like a Get Together of his disciples. Most of actors there came today were new for me. I knew only Bhaskar Bhaiya & Vinay. Sakshi also came there with us but it was her first time to meet Alok.
Well, I didn’t bring anything to eat. Alok asks everyone to bring something for eat. All we share with each other our food, it’s nice tradition he has started in among his disciples.

Note :- Alok doesn’t make desciple!
All we people were sitting in veranda in Little Raina, a girl asked me

‘Where are cups?’

I indicated to the kitchen.

She asked again for spoons and I said 

‘There!’ Indicating towards kitchen.

She continued, ‘Are you here….’

‘Na, Im not’ I replied with smile.

Her expression got changed and she moved to the kitchen.
She misunderstood me as Studio Boy, maybe because my clothing was poor. Old red t-shirt, green half pent, torn shoes, ..I was looking dirty because I directly went there after finishing my Tai Chi class in morning. Realizing what she thought me, I said ‘Yeh To Gadbad Ho Gai.’
I got in the bus, took ticket for Machhlimar bus stop. I was going to Little Raina, in Aram Nagar to meet Alok Ulfat. I could not recognize the bus stop and was about to get off on Picnic Cottage, but stopped. Two inspectors were already standing there to check passengers’ tickets. Because I was in the gate, they thought me stopped to see them. They came closer to the bus and asked me to show them ticket. I did, then they allowed thr bus to go. Machhlimar bus stop was next.
In both of the incidents, I was misunderstood. Ticket checkers thought me a WT while the girl thought me office boy. I am what I am.
I’m not changed.

My clothes were dirty, I was little tired after Tai Chi, I was, maybe smelling too, but I had ticket, and I am not Studio Boy.
19:35 Saturday 15th April 2017