Dhamma : Not a Religion

Buddha says – Do not waste time and energy to search for Ishwar or Brahma. There is nobody to come from the sky and help you.
You cannot go against Ishwar in religion. You cannot disdain holy books. If you use your intellect which goes against religious books, you are criticized. Dhamma teaches you to think, doubt, go against it to examine, and believe only if you find something is right.
Religion teaches to have Faith in someone imaginary who comes to help you when it’s needed. Dhamma teaches Atta Deep Bhava – become your light yourself.
Buddha says – I do not give you Nirvana, Moksha, Salvation, Freedom from suffering. I just show you the way. Dhamma is a humanitarian way to live a peaceful life.
Many of us, who believe that Dhamma and Religion are the same, need to analyse carefully. Religion has to be accepted, to get into it, with rituals, while Dhamma educates one to to find or create his own way. Religion believes in many illogical existences like ghosts, satan, ishwar, soul, atma, rooh, deities, while Dhamma is logical and based on science. Dhamma promotes scientific analytical way to think, doubt and examine before believe in something.
Religion teaches social inequality, discriminations, while in Dhamma, everyone is equal. Dhamma is the education, knowledge which is available to everyone. You find something imaginary person in religion or someone who unsuccessfully tries to prove himself as a representative of that imaginary one, but there is nobody who claims to be doot or only representative of someone imaginary. In Dhamma you see a series of enlightened people who never claim to be Ishwar, or his representatives. They all were human being with great and purr wisdom.
Buddha says :- ‘Buddha’ is the state of highest and purest consciousness when you are balanced, in eternal peace, love and happiness, beyond of all fear and sufferings. They who reach on that level but rejects to achieve Nirvana for people, are Bodhisattwas. Dr. Ambedkar also is considered a Bodhisattwa in that sense He was an Angel who showed a better way to people of India.
Religion is irresistible while in Dhamma you are totally free. Dhamma never forces you to do or not do, believe or not believe in something. Everyone is free to use his intellect with Prabuddha Way.
23:12 Wednesday 17th May 2017


आम्बेडकर की विजय 

१९५० में अम्बेडकर का पुतला जलाने वाले, 

संविधान को जलाने वाले, 

तिरंगा को पैर से कुचलने वाले, 

जिन्होंने कभी अम्बेडकर जयंती नहीं बनाई … 
वे आज अम्बेडकर की माला जप रहे हैं !
यह आम्बेडकर की विजय है रूढ़िवादी लोगों पर, और जीत है उन तमाम लोगों की जिन्हें अब तक दबाकर रखा गया था ।

अब तो सबको ‘जय भीम’ कहना ही पड़ेगा! ना! बच नहीं सकते!
मैं तो गर्व से कहता हूं – ‘जय भीम!’
23:17 Friday 14th April 2017

New Age Slavery in India! 

Tomorrow it’s 126th birth anniversary of Father Of Modern India, Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar. He was the most educated person of India of his time. He was an Atheist, Founder of Neo-Buddhism, who wrote the Constitution Of India. I’m an Ambedkarite!
Some of my Ambedkarite friends are going to celebrate his birth anniversary with traditional Hindu way, which Baba Saheb would never like if he would alive. Bhaki Sandhya to remember Baba Saheb is not only just foolish but also against of Ambedkarism. He was a rational person and he taught us to use our intellect before doing anything. Bhakti is for people whose Minds are habitual to be Slave.
Some people will get Baba Saheb’s statues bath like Abhishek. It would be performed by Hindu priests with Sanskrit couplets, goumutra, gobar, etc. Ambedkar had been against of it and now his followers will celebrate his birthday with Hindu rituals.
Some women will keep fast on his memory. They will have a walk with small Kalash on their head. Ambedkar lost his ministerial post for women empowerment and now ladies will remember the legend with foolish superstitious acts.
Having food together with other Caste people cannot reform Indian society. Some people are sharing Laddus to beggars and poors while fundamentalist Hindu people are assisting them with their mythological characters on invitation cards. One who has read 22 oaths of Baba Saheb will never be with fake Ambedkarite Hindus.
Until, they apply Ambedkar in their society, we people should not trust on them. They are clever and harmful to us. They may take donations for Ambedkar Statues but happens what? They secure their seat for next elections! Ambedkar brought us into light and they made us involved in singing Bhajans and Bhim Chaalisa rather than studying, improving us politically, economically.
It’s New Age Slavery of Dalits in India!
Baba Saheb was against of things has been being done by them to lure our people. They are projecting Ambedkar as an Avtar or Incarnation of Hindu Mythological Characters like Vishnu. It must be seen as a shame for Neo-Buddhists. He was against of Brahma Vishnu Mahesh Gauri Ganpati etc. He was against of So Called Mahatma like Gandhi because they never did anything to destroy Caste from Indian Society.
If one praises Baba Saheb by singing Bhajans and Chanting his Name is a Gaddar! Gaddar is also one who supports Hindu Mythology, Brahminism, Casteism, Varnas. These Gaddars will be responsible of killing Ambedkarism in India.
Ok, the Constitution Of India allows them to be Slaves of Brahmins, Hindu customs and rituals, ok – they can be Blind of Hindu traditions but they should not make Ambedkar a God. They should not contaminate Ambedkar with Fake Thoughts. They already have so much bad with Bhagat Singh! Leave Ambedkar please! Otherwise democracy will be killed by theocracy, society will be full of categories with social discriminations, your women’s will be unsafe and disrespected, reservations which is your right will be taken back, then we will have only statues. Our generations will be see slavery again for thousands of years.
Only a real Ambedkarite can resist. He resists against Brahminism, Casteism, Varna, Hindu Mythological Characters, Vedas, Puraans, Ram Charit Manas, Manusmriti, ..I remember, Baba Saheb has burnt Manusmriti. Ambedkarite should be against of Brahmanisation of Ambedkar. Manuwaadi people are too clever. They already have divided us into thousands of castes that can’t be one now. So we allow them to rule on us.
Anyone, either it’s prime minister or even president himself, if he can’t take Great 22 Oaths in public, if his behaviour is not according to 22 Oaths, but if he praises Ambedkar, 

We should not trust him!

No Bhakti is in Ambedkarism!!

22:28 Thursday 13th of April 2017

Ambedkar Today!

Neo-Buddhism founded by Dr. Ambedkar was against traditions of Hinduism like Casteism, Varna, Brahminism, etc. I see Neo-Buddhism not a new religion but a Refined Buddhism which had been contaminated with many superstitious rituals. Buddhism by Buddha was a complete way for one to be free from sufferings, and to live life happily. In later days, it was flourished well in other countries out of south-asian subcontinent but here people misunderstood it and as a result we see, all non-brahmanic traditions are considered Hindu. Today, I think, no-one would like to be considered lower than others or Brahmins just because he or she is born in other Caste. One who has self-respect as a human being, will definitely oppose the caste tradition of Hindus. Many rational social reformers before and after Dr. Ambedkar rejected Hindu Varnas and Caste traditions, but Dr. Ambedkar is a bit more important because he brought a bigger change in this south-asian subcontinent’s society. He is not less than a Messiah for all women, lower caste Hindu people, of this south asian subcontinent. No matter one is Neo-Buddhist or not but without Dr. Ambedkar India would be backward living in mediaeval era.
Today someone asked me, “Will you go to Rajghat on 14th April?”

“Rajgaht or Chaitya Bhumi, you are asking about?” I asked back.

“Oh yes yes, Chaitya Bhumi”

I said, “Two Rajghats are known most, one is from Varanasi for Jiddu Krishnamurti, another is from New Delhi for MK Gandhi.”
Another person sitting there asked me “What is kn 14th April?”

I took a pause for few seconds and replied, “It’s Dr. Ambedkar’s birth anniversary in 14th April.”

Questioner’s expression was like that he was feeling embarrassed for not knowing this.
22:02 Sunday 9th April 2017

Buddha Purnima, 2016


ये च बुद्धा अतीता च, ये च बुद्धा अनागता।
पचुपन्ना च ये बुद्धा, अहं वन्दामि सब्बदा ।।

The Buddhas of the ages past,
The Buddhas that are yet to come,
The Buddhas of the present age,
I always pay homage to them.

It’s Buddha Jayanti today being celebrated as Siddharth Gautama Buddha’s Birth Anniversary in Buddhist community. It’s full moon when he was born, enlightened and went beyond Nirvana. Though, ‘Buddha’ word is used for all enlightened ones and not only for Siddharth Gotama but the is observed on his birthday only. In modern days ‘Buddha’ word started being used for Osho and Jiddu krishnamurti also in India, while, as I see to my Chinese friends, there were so many people recognized and respected as ‘Buddha’ in China. There were Ji Gong, Mi Le, many more.

I’m not against to celebrate this day observing as just Siddharth Gotama’s birth anniversary only.

…….I’m actually sad to see my friends belonging to other religions not greeting me on Buddhist festivals, hence, I send them greetings on their festivals. They know I’m not hindu, I know I follow no religion but I was born in a Buddhist family and my father was a Buddhist Priest, I feel a bit attachment with Navyana Buddhism (Neo-Buddhism) started by Dr. Bhim Rao Ram Ji Ambedkar. Because, other people don’t send me greetings on Buddhist festivals, I feel no enthusiasm to greet them on their religious festivals. In social whatsapp groups, generally people don’t greet others on Buddhist festivals while hindu greet to Muslims on eid and Muslims greet to hindus on holi-diwali, People greet to each other on Sikh religious festivals too, they greet each others on Xmas also… but Buddhists, Zorastrians, Jaina, Bathu, Sarna, and other religious minorities are always ignored by Hindus Christians Sikh and Muslims in India.

Today is Buddha Jayanti and let’s see which non-buddhist friend greets me the day on Facebook, on my whatsapp, here on this blog or on personal.

If Dr. Ambedkar had not promoted Buddhism in India, Buddha was almost forgotten by India. Buddha and Buddhists of all nations must be thankful for Ambedkar to keep Buddhism alive in India. Dalai Lama and their Buddhism has no use for most of Indians. It was Ambedkar who brought a large population to equality and self respect by his Neo-Buddhism. It’s said, Buddha never visited lower caste colonies. If today, Buddha Purnima is being celebrated by a large population of India, credit goes to Ambedkar.

Happy Buddha Jayanti to all

02:29 am