Mashrafe Mortaza

“I am a cricketer but can I save a life? A doctor can. But no-one claps for the best doctor in the country. Create myths around them. They will save more lives. They are the stars. The labourers are the stars, they build the country. What have we built using cricket? Can we make even a brick using cricket? Does paddy grow on the cricket field? Those who make courtyards using bricks, make things at factories, grow crops in the fields – they are the stars.”
“What do we do? If I say it very bluntly – we take money, we perform. Like a singer or an actor, we do performing art. Nothing more. The Muktijoddhad [1971 Liberation warriors] didn’t face bullets to get money on winning. Who is being compared to whom? If there are any heroes in cricket, they are Rakibul Hasans or martyrs like [Abdul Halim] Jewel… Rakibul Bhai had dared to enter the cricket field with ‘Joy Bangla’ inscribed on his bat [before the 1971 Liberation]. That’s big. Even bigger was his going to the front with his father’s gun. Shohid (martyr) Jewel left cricket and joined the crack platoon [a 1971 Liberation war guerrilla formation]. That’s bravery. Dealing with fast-bowling has romanticism and duty, not bravery.”
“I say, those who cry ‘patriotism, patriotism’ around cricket, if all of them for one day did not drop banana skin on the streets or did not spit on the streets or obeyed traffic rules, the country would have changed. This huge energy was not wasted after cricket and was used to do one’s work honestly even for a day, that would be showing patriotism. I don’t understand the definition of patriotism of these people.”
— Mashrafe Mortaza

the philosopher-captain-hero of the Bangladesh team
(The quotes were picked from an article by Garga Chatterjee. Entire the article can be read through given links. Photo: Google)
1. Why cricket has been a potent vehicle for nationalism in Bangladesh
When the nation-state’s ideology is a contested one, cricket reflects the contentions.

2. Cricket hyper-nationalism: war by other means

Patriotic Nationalism For Citizen Of Earth Planet – 3

Ta – A middle and upper middle class common man wants a good and peaceful healthy life with happiness. He  ignores rebellious voices of poor people against rich industrialists and politicians.
Wo – Hmm
Ta – If poor tribals, Dalits, Religious Minorities raise voice for justice, it propagated as threat for integrity of nation.
Wo – Yes.
Ta – What should they do then? To stay quiet and tolerate injustice by powerful people or to die following their heart?
Wo – Depends. It varies man to man. What would you do?
Ta – ….I don’t know. Actually, I don’t know what would I do if my kin and family members are killed by Upper Caste Hindus, ..
Wo – You will be requested to have Faith in the Constitution Of India and Judiciary.
Ta – Ambedkar’s constitution could bring equality for all, to build a strong and peaceful happy nation.
Wo – Right, but some fundamentalists and their organizations have started playing game of Nationalism for their own benefits. If you see skme people are making noise for Nationalism, be aware, they are actual Anti-Nationalists.
Ta – To divert people’s mind from their real problems. They feed up minds with feelings of war against neighbouring nations, they divert people and their energy.
Wo – Ok, the discussion is converting into criticize for them – Clever People in Power.
Ta – Then, what should one do?
Wo – Don’t ask others what to do or not. Love your surroundings, environment and People around you. Be not a harmful for society. Have Faith in Love.
13:22 Tuesday 23th May 2017

Nations Divide Earth Planet! 

Ta – ..don’t you think it’s against of our country?
Wo – Praising any other country is not against of your country.
Ta – Praising not your country but criticize, isn’t it harmful for national integrity?
Wo – No. We must be doing introspection time by time. 
Ta – Don’t you believe country is above all?
Wo – You must clarify if you are asking about Nation or Country.
Ta – About Nation.
Wo – As a citizen of Earth Planet, I see, dividing blue planet into Nations, by some political lines on earth is Anti-Planet, and it’s against of our Global Integrity.
Ta – ..what if I replace Nation with Country?
Wo – Countries are not divided into political lines but by geographical, cultural regions. It makes global society beautiful to have different kinds of people with different languages, different colours..
Ta – Are you against Nationalism?
Wo – I see extreme nationalism is harmful for us. I believe, all governments of nations should work together to serve global society.
Ta – Recently some public representatives rejected to sing Vande Matram in a public program held in Allahabad.
Wo – Yes, I know.
Ta – Are they right? What do you think?
Wo – Do I have just two options – Right or Wrong to answer your question?
Ta – No no. You can explain, but not with much details.
Wo – They did what they wanted to do. And I think they didn’t disrespect of any nation or song. It’s neither right nor wrong. Everyone is free to do what they want to do and if it’s not harmful, if it’s not violent, if it’s not spreading hate.
Ta – Just hate and violence you avoid and what about rest of causes dividing nation?
Wo – Dividing forces are those who nourish hate among us like Castes, Religion, Languages. But government is not working to eliminate Castes from society. Many of MPs themselves belong to Hindu Religion, and so we can’t hope to see India free from Castes. And so for others.
Ta – How do you think our nation can br stronger than others?
Wo – We don’t need to be stronger than others. We should be important.
Ta – What if stronger nation attacks on us?
Wo – Don’t make bad wishes like that. If we are important, nobody will attack on us rather we will be respected one. We should not be one with whom others are afraid. I remember, Yuyuts’ dialogue in Andha Yug.
Ta – You are not a nationalist.
Wo – I’m an earthian I have said already.
10:48 am Saturday 8th April 2017

Vegetarian with Nonvegetarians! 

They say –

My ancestors used to eat meat.

I belong to human race and it’s said, before civilizations, my ancestors were nonvegetarians. My teeth have different types and for different use to tear, cut and chew uncooked meat. Thay also say that Appendix in my stomach, a part of my intestines was another stomach. Other species like cows, buffalos also have more than one stomachs.
I can’t reject their clam. They are biologists. They have studied well about living beings.
I was born as nonvegetarian and my food was milk. Milk is not veg. Later I was taught to eat grains, then I started eating other veggies. I disliked Milk but my favourite drink was Matha, or Chhaas, or we people used to call it – Mahhii. I don’t like milk even now. I never liked Eggs, Omlet, Chicken, Meat etc. in my childhood. Sometimes I used to eat eggs only if it is cooked at home.
When I was 24-25, in Jabalpur, Naseeb brought chicken from his home and shared with all roommates. I got head of the chicken, I took it at my hand holding with my fingers, and I could not hold myself. I did Vomiting and it was one of their worst dinner ever.
It’s not like that I didn’t eat nonveg before this incident. I kept myself enough flexible to eat food with shorba. Once I went to friend’s house in Nagpur. They cooked chicken that I couldn’t eat but I. They understood my feelings and asked me if I’m vegetarian. I hesitantly accepted and they cooked veg for me. I was hesitant because they were not my relatives, and I made them to cook for me.
Now, after receiving Tao, I prefer pure veg, means without Onion and Garlic. I eat eggs or whatever is cooked at home. Family people put Onion and Garlic that I can’t avoid. But if I’m allowed to pick food for me, it would be pure veg.
Nowadays, right-winger extremists are dying to show their religious crazy behaviour contaminated with extreme nationalism. According to them, nationalism is being anti-Pakistani, chanting Gayatri Mantra, raising slogans to save cow but not having kindness for human being..
I’m in India which is moving towards Extremism of Religion and Nationalism. Some states’ governments have stopped killings of cow but they allow slaughter houses. They speak to stop killings of cow only not other animals. Ministers are well trained to play with people and their emotions. Their kindness is fake and their act are biased. They don’t promote vegetarianism openly.
Of course, I’m vegetarian by nature but I can’t force others to be vegetarian, I should not make false speeches. If people want to eat nonveg they can, on same table with me. I will not have any problem. I do not hate nonvegetarians.
13:14 Monday 27th March 2017

Earthian, Patriotic & Nationalist!

​Patriotism can never be a solution but another difficulty for any Nation facing problems on social traditionals religious financial and linguistic issues.
Ok, it’s obvious to have emotional feelings for the land we belong to but this land can be the mohalla, or village, or tehsil or district.. commissionery, state, region, nation, subcontinent continent, the globe too! This is patriotism! To die for your land, to have emotional touch. It is helpful for people to get the land out of problems but if this emotion is politically misused to achieve power, it is big trouble for all – people, region, nation.. Patriotism and Nationalism too are dividing forces like racism, casteism, for peaceful global humanity. 
Nationalism and Patriotism both have limits but Nationalism is bigger and broader concept than Patriotism. Bhagat Singh, Bhim Rao Ambedkar, Manavendranath Roy.. these kind of people were not just patriotic, they had broader visions and they sacrificed their lives for justice, equality, peace. I don’t think Jiddu, UG, Osho, Ramana can be limited within Patriotism and Nationalism.
Patriotism is a feeling not thought. It’s not concept in that sense. It can be provoked, stimulated, used, misused for personal or particular benefits. It’s not universal value like Truth, Humanity, Equality, Justice, Peace. Patriotism is always harmful for Nationalism.
Few people in India are claiming to be Patriotic and Nationalist, both but the facts prove them wrong. These Fake Nationalists can be noticed easily spreading rumours and provoking Patriotism behind any issue which can bring them benefits. Extreme Nationalism is another problem and illness for an Healthy Nation. They teach to be proud of regional history, they promote regional historical kings as their heroes. They claim that only their caste, their race, their history, were great and glorious. They believe if you are not like them, you are Traitor!
Being Anti-National, Anti-Patriotic are not bad and sometimes it’s good to be Anti-National, Anti-Patriotic. Nijam-Ul-Mulk was not traitor. He found Moghuls had lost values so he built his own State and in 1947 his land was the biggest most kingdom of this South-Asian Sub Continent. An Earthian also can be considered Anti-National & Anti-Patriotic but He Loves his Planet more than Nation.
Patriotism is a feeling. One can show and express this feeling. One can salute flags, say only my country is great, my land, ..I will not allow outsiders to come and earn here because my land belongs to native people only. .. etc. But, Love, Truth, Justice, Peace, Equality demands more than being just patriotic or nationalist.
We must remember that the Nation and Country is by people. If country or nation becomes more important than people than the Nation and Country are worst. Their people will never have Peace-With-Love! In this kind of lands, Rulers are considered respected and important more than The People. Here people do not have Right to ask their leaders ‘What Have You Done For Us?’ Rather, leader asks People ‘Cannot You Sacrifice For Your Nation/Country/Land?’
Most of the Nations in this world are facing Extreme Nationalism, Patriotism within Nation. Separatists are Patriotic and heroes for their land and their people. I don’t know exactly but I think, dictators have been claiming themselves to be Patriotic and this is how their opponents were considered Traitors, Anti-Patriotic, Anti-Nationalists. They successfully stimulated feelings of people and used to achieve Power. Robespierre was Nationalist, Patriotic, Traitor, Separatist or what?
If one Loves his land, his country, his nation, their people, rivers, air, ..he can Love people, air, rivers, birds ..of other nations too.
I Love the mohalla I was born in, I Love Kosmi, I Love people of Kosmi. I Love Balaghat, I Love people of Balaghat. I Love MP, I Love people of MP. I Love India, I Love people of India. I Love South Asian Subcontinent and I Love its people. I Love Earth Planet, I’m an Earthian though I Love this Universe, Sun, Moon, Stars..
02:07am Sunday 19th February 2017

Citizen Of Planet / पृथ्वीवासी

I prefer not to be labelled as Theist – Atheist – Agnostic. Rightist – Left, Asian – Western, Religion – Caste, Colour etc. are nothing but to ease recognition of person – attachment with these is not good for citizens of the planet. There is something which binds us all regardless our nations – languages – races – castes.. and to reach that is difficult for those who cut themselves from entire the global society. Yes :- They Are At War.

मैं किसी आस्तिक – नास्तिक – अज्ञेयवादी की श्रेणी में नहीं आता । दक्षिण-वाम, एशियन – पश्चिमी, धर्म – जाति, ये सब ठप्पे पहचान को सरल बनाने के हैं – इनसे चिपकना वैश्विक नागरिकों के अहित में है । शारीरिक – भावनात्मक – वैचारिक – आर्थिक विभाजन के परे हम सबका एकत्व भी तो है – जिस तक विभाजित लोग नहीं पहुँच पाते । इसमें किसी ईश्वर – राष्ट्र – भूखंड की ज़रूरत नहीं । सब बाकी गैर ज़रूरी लगता है मुझे ।
02:58 am Friday 21 October 2016