To Search For Bh.

After leaving Mumbai I didn’t want to go to Balaghat but had to take bus from Gondia to Balaghat. I met Shafi only there but didn’t tell him why I was going to Jabalpur. I spent almost whole day there in his clinic and got the bus at 11 pm night yo Jabalpur.
Reached to Jabalpur in early morning. Shailendra came to take me his home. I revealed him my intention to visit Rampur Bouddh Vihar but when we reached there, we found Bh. Karunapal ji was not there but another Monk had 8 years experience who was not authorized to Give Chivar, so asked me to take Robe from Bh. Karunapal and then come under him at Rampur Bouddh Vihar to seek allowance from committee members tomorrow.
We went to Nirbhay Nagar, Ghamapur, to met to Bh. Karunapal who, after knowing my brief introduction (I reminded him we met in 2006-07) he asked me why I want to be Shramner and for how long time. I replied to spent entire Varshawaas. He suggested me to visit Bh. Rahula from Ghatkopar and second option he suggested was Bh. Dhammashikhar from Balaghat because that’s my native place and would be beneficial for future, he said.
I didn’t go to Rampur back. I took my bags and Shailendra dropped me in train to Nizamuddin, I am in. Going to see Loni Road Buddha Vihar, Shahdara, New Delhi if Bh. Ashwaghosh is still there.
20:39 Saturday 15th July 2017

Dhamma : Pragya And Karuna

Dhamma is neither a Religion nor Dharma! Dharma, a Sanskrit word has three different concepts :

Duty or moral responsibility – it’s dharma of a son to take care of his old parents

Religion in western – to perform rituals and follow rules to get moksha after death

Nature of something / someone – it’s dharma of water to flow and settle down at low
But ‘Dhamma’ is different. Unlike Brahminism, Islam, Christianity, Dhamma means Law Of Nature! It’s Tao! Here you can’t see conflict between religions or their holy books. Here you need no priests to perform rituals but a cultivator friend with a little more experience who guides you to The Path of Buddhas. No matter that your friend is normal person living simple life, he maynot be an angel, he is not a Bodhisattva but his cultivation is enough to lead one towards The Holy Path of Nature. Buddha says, ‘Dhamma is appropriate and right way to follow your life in its natural way. Ignoring or brushing aside the Law Of Nature causes suffering. It’s not any God or imaginary person there to punish or reward you for your wrongdoing or right doings. This is fundamental, simple and easy for one to understand and follow.
I breath naturally, and I feel a kind of completeness, happiness and peace within myself. If I’m involved in thoughts or under control by my emotions, I cannot breathe normally. And so I feel sufferings. Breathing natural is an example of that Great Path, concentrating on inhale and exhale is another exercise some people do but that is escape from knowing.
Buddha says, there are two main pillars of the Dhamma :

– Pragya/Pradnya

– Karuna
Pragya is a state of mind which is completely stilled emptiness. It’s free from any comparison, duality, right or wrong, good or evil (Nirmal Buddhi). He didn’t left any point that could mislead the traveller, so he accepted Pragya as one of two pillars of Dhamma,

..and Karuna is combined practice of Metta/Love, Kindness, Peace, without getting attached with. Without Karuna, a healthy society cannot survive.
12:15 p.m. Tuesday 6th June 2015

The Secret Is Within Yourself!

I didn’t know about Huineng before Melody Jie introduced me to Sixth Patriarch. I watched a movie on his life but that could not be reason for me to respect him as master. I came to read his thoughts, his way of seeing everything, and then I must surrender myself to the enlightened master. Here are some of his words in English I have collected from Google.
1. There is no Bodhi tree,

Nor stand of a mirror bright.

Since all is void,

Where can the dust alight
2. A finger points at the moon, but the moon is not at the tip of the finger.
3. The capacity of the mind is broad and huge, like the vast sky. Do not sit with a mind fixed on emptiness. If you do, you will fall into a neutral kind of emptiness. Emptiness includes the sun, moon, stars, and planets, the great earth, mountains and rivers, all trees and grasses, bad people and good people, bad things and good things, heaven and hell; they are all in the midst of emptiness. The emptiness of human nature is also like this.
4. The truth is to be lived, not just mouthed.
5. As one lamp serves to dispel a thousand years of darkness, so one flash of wisdom destroys ten thousand years of ignorance.
6. Truth has nothing to do with words. Truth can be likened to the bright moon in the sky. Words, in this case, can be likened to a finger. The finger can point to the moon’s location. However, the finger is not the moon. To look at the moon, it is necessary to gaze beyond the finger, right?
7. The meaning of life is to see.
8. Zazen is seated meditation-the opposite of contemplation-the emptying of the mind of all thoughts in order simply to be. In the midst of all evil, not a thought is aroused in the mind-this is called za. Seeing into one’s Self-nature, not being moved at all-this is called Zen.
9. Sit all together in meditation. Become peacefully calm and quiet, without motion, without stillness, without birth, without destruction, without coming or going, with no judgments of right or wrong, neither staying nor going. This, then, is the Great Way.
10. The secret is within your self.
11. The complete teachings of all Buddhas – past, present, and future – are to be found within the essence of every human being.
12. Before you think good or evil, who are you?
13. Because wisdom is innate, we can all enlighten ourselves.

Conspiracy behind ‘Hindu’

​Try to see what is happening inside.
Television channels are busy praising current CM of Uttar Pradesh who belongs to Nath Sect of Shaiva Religion.
Jaina and Buddhism were the most strongest in ancient south Asian subcontinent, then, Shaiva and Shakt became one to oppose Vaishnavas and Vedics. Social and philosophical conflict was obvious between Vaishnava & Shaiva. According to some historians, Shashank, a king of Gaud kingdom, current Assam, Bengal and Bihar, had ruined 84 Buddhist Monasteries. Kulottung-II or Kulottung-III used to hate Vaishnava so much that he got thrown Vishnu’s statue in ocean. Emperor Harsha was also influenced by Shaivas as it was his secondary faith after Buddhism. Well, Shaiva was successful to win hearts of commoners as well and so many saints like Lakulish were popular among people especially in south Indian region.
If one studies faiths and beliefs of this south Asian subcontinent, he will understand that ‘Hindu’ words has been used by Brahmins to bring all faiths under one name, to organize people against Christianity in British India. They couldn’t organize people as Hindu against Islamic Rulers because that time this subcontinent was divided in many sovereign kingdoms. Persians could never been a threat for Brahminic system but still in ancient time all outsiders and intruders were ‘Mlechchha’ or ‘Untouchable, Lower’ people.
This is a conspiracy still being played by clever Religious thugs who cleverly use the term for political purpose. Politically people of India are Indians and not Hindustani. They claim all Hindustanis are Hindu!? This conspiracy proved unsuccessful when its comes for Jaina and Buddhism. Dr. Ambedkar had great wisdom that he could understand the conspiracy. I see the Mass Conversion of 1956 not only an escape for lower castes from Brahminic social illness but a revenge from Brahminic hierarchy.
If one is aware about philosophy, history and conflicts of social-cultural-groups, he could easily understand the conspiracy by Brahmins have been being played with innocence people following other faiths in South Asian Subcontinent.
These all happens inside after collecting informations from outside. Tv news channels are not trustworthy. They are not voice of people.
02:05 am Monday, 27th March 2017

Commoners -Less Patience! 

​Wo – No! I cannot believe on your words. I will not believe on ‘what you say’, rather, would believe on ‘how you say.’
Ta – I am saying this, from the bottom of my heart, because are my brother and, ..well, so I have some responsibilities for you, ah, ..and I need to give you a dose.
Wo – Aa..???
Ta – I will talk to you, ..because.. see, when everything will be alright with you, you should..
Wo – Okay.. you are not at the moment. You see, you are seeding for future. Unknowingly you want me to involve with you. I’m aware! I’m not going to create your future. It’s in your imagination and I would not like to be part of it.
Ta – ….???
Wo – If you were a Buddhist, you would understand what I mean.
Ta – I’m Buddhist and.. Well, I don’t believe in such religion and we are not here to talk about religious topics.
Wo – A Buddhist person can see this world clearly. I’m not dragging you for religious talks but if you say You Are a Buddhist, you had applied the philosophy.
Ta – Life doesn’t go with philosophy.
Wo – It means we think different. And this is also good.
Ta – Life demands to be practical. Theories, laws, philosophy has nothing to do with practical life.
Wo – Then why are you using this philosophy?
Ta – …?? Wa.. what, ..which philosophy? Ok if it’s any philosophy, I don’t know. I’m saying that you should ‘be practical!’
Wo – Why I ‘Should?’ Why just ‘I’ should? What is ‘being practical?’ Is it possible that Practicality may have different aspects and views?
Ta – …….?? Like what?? See, everyone here needs to pay bills, wear clothes, eat foods.. that is practical life.
Wo – So Aadi Shankaracharya, Veda-Upnishada Authors, Buddha-Mahavira aal were stupid, according to you.
Ta – I’m not talking about them. I told you we are not talking about religion.
Wo – They said, to be ‘True’ and you are saying me to be Practical.
Ta – See, Maaya, Brahma, ..Eishwar etc. are just philosophy. Bury them. Be practical. If you don’t eat, will you survive?
Wo – I don’t know, do you?
Ta – Yes. You will die!!
Wo – Many people survive in liquid. Well, what did you mean by ‘die?’
Ta – Your body will be dead, your soul will leave your body, your life-source will be zero. That is death.
Wo – And that soul will get a new body or something.. like that? You believe in Soul, I came to know.
Ta – Why are you distracting the talk? Stay on point.
Wo – If you know where or what is the point, you would in peace.
Ta – …? You mean, death??
Wo – I should have been talking to you according to your level. Sorry.
Ta – …what level? You think you are a great philosopher? Who are you? Haa? Just qualifying few exams in college or university, reading philosophy books, can not make you a philosopher ok? You are a fool. A stupid. You are a problem for society, family, for this world. Your mind is blunt. You are blind of books. You are proving what? Are you an intellectual person? Arey na! You are useless, unsuccessful person who could not do anything in your life! You will die frustrated and sad. You will roam in entire this universe as a ghost for thousands of years! Philosopher! You are nothing. Not even a dust of Buddha’s feet and you are dreaming to become an enlightened? I know many people like you who try to hide their failure behind spiritual religious talks! I’m not a fool to get involved in your fake spiritual words. I’m having sense. I’m not blind like you. You go die starving and be Buddha or ghost whatever, ………..
20:27 Friday 10th March 2017

तृष्णा को काट दो ।

​ तृष्णा को काट दो ।
       सारिपुत्त थेर ने शिष्य सुवणकार को ध्यान के लिए अशुभ कर्म स्थान दिया और सुवणकार भिक्खु विपश्यना ध्यान में लग गया । उसने बहुत कोशिश की लेकिन ध्यान साधना में कोई प्रगति नहीं हुई । तब सारिपुत्त ने शिष्य सुवणकार को तथागत पास ले गए और हकीकत से अवगत किया  । वृतांत जानकर तथागत ने उस सुवणकार के चित्त की चेतना देखकर,  एक सुवर्ण पद्म पुष्प दिया और कहा कि वह उस पुष्प को बालू रेत पर स्थापित करके ध्यान भावना करें । भिक्खु ने तथागत ने जैसे बताया वैसे किया और विपश्यना करने लगा । भिक्खु ने जब चतुर्थ ध्यान को प्राप्त किया तब उनकी ध्यान समापत्ति को जानकर तथागत ने ऋद्धिबल से उस पद्म पुष्प को म्लान कर दिया । सुवणकार ने उस सुवर्ण पद्म पुष्प के बदलते रंग को देखा, इसको देखते हुए उसे अनित्य बोध होने लगा । वह अनित्यता उसने अन्य वस्तुओं में भी देखी, अवधारित की और अनित्य लक्षण का साक्षात्कार किया ।
       भगवान श्रावस्ती के जेतवन विहार में बैठे थे । भगवान ने सुवणकार की चित्तवृत्ति को जान चुके थे, वे सुवणकार भिक्खु के ध्यान में उपस्थित हुए और बोले,

  “भिक्खु  ! तृष्णा को काट दो ।”
भगवान ने कहा —
*”उच्छिन्द सिनेहमत्तनो, कुमुदं सारदिकं’व पाणिना ।*

*सन्तिमग्गमेव ब्रूहय, निब्बानं सुगतेन देसितं ।।”*
         जिस तरह हाथ से  शरद ऋतु के कुमुद को तोडा जाता हैं, उसी तरह स्व-स्नेह को उच्छिन्न कर डालो और सुगत द्वारा उपदिष्ट शान्ति मार्ग का आश्रय लो ।
        *मनुष्य के जीवन में वासना का सूत्र हैं, बडा कोमल, सुन्दर, प्यारा मगर एक झटके में टूट जाता हैं, झटका देने की हिम्मत चाहिए ।*
         थेर सुवणकार के समान सब को अनित्य बोध जागे और निर्वाण सुख की प्राप्ति हो, यही मंगलकामना ।
🌷 *सबका मंगल हो* 🌷

Stupid Monk Is Better Than Smart Politicians or Successful Businessmen 

​Life of monk is better than any other person on earth!

He is in peace, Inside and Outside too. He is what he is. He is fearless, carefree, courageous, ..with love in his heart. He is always purifying himself but not to prove anything to anyone. It’s all for himself. All doctors, teachers, everyone who is in service sector must be monks – not necessary to be belonging or adhering to any particular religion. It would be better if monks are nonreligious people. It is what they should be. Those who call themselves Saint in India are actually Gangs of Fake people exploiting public through Faith and Fake names of Deities. I wish, I could be a monk. I wanted to be a monk. I wish I would die as a monk. If I would be a monk following any philosophy, then the philosophy would be either Jaina or Buddhist or of course, Daoist. Taoist philosophy is the philosophy I’m attracted to nowadays. It doesn’t mean I will be a Taoist. I’m not Buddhist too in that way. I like those philosophies. If I’m offered opportunity to be a Taoist Monk, I wish I would accept that with courage. It would not be any betrayal against Dr. Ambedkar – I’m and I will be thankful to him for all what he did for people of India. He himself had been a monk for a short time maybe as Shraamner I’m not sure. I’m unable to survive in this world. Casting people say me Not-Fit for their requirements but actually I’m not fit for entire the system. I don’t say the system is bad or me. We are just not for each other. I think as a monk one is not responsible to the system. A monk is one who becomes the nature. I know I can be the same nature again I was. I can be free from impacts of emotions. I can observe every single part of the chain of thoughts. I can be simplest, honest and most stupid person. I’m not smart and I never want to be. I can remain that stupid fool forever my life and that would be best for me. I don’t need to be political-businessman mind. I wish I could be a monk, a real monk unlike religious dhongi gurus. I just afraid to be labelled as escapee. Yeah I want to avoid this useless unnecessary struggle for surviving day after another. Life becomes a burden when one is not enjoying it. Enjoying life is when kne is doing or being what he actually is in his inside. Being happy is something having the same outer what we have inside. Both inside and outside become same and there is fulfilment. It’s not a game. It’s not joke. It’s what everyone is looking for. 
22:55 Wednesday 11th January 2017