Buddha Rejected Brahminism!

Buddha, after centuries, has been accepted as incarnation of Vishnu by Vaishnavas, but the facts are –
Buddha rejected Brahminism.

Hindu people don’t celebrate Buddha Jayanti.

Hindu people don’t accept Buddha as their teacher.

Hindu people never greet me Buddha Purnima or on other Buddhist festivals.

Hindu people are not aware about their – philosophies and different schools. 

Hindu people do not study well about their religion.
It’s true – that Hinduism what we have been introduced is actually a mixture of many different philosophies and faiths which are against to each other. Shaiva, Shaakta, Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Vedaantika, Yoga, Charwaka, all had been criticizing to each other.
Hinduism have been being propagated after independence of India is actually Brahmanism and it declares Brahmins above all in hierarchy, rest all are lower than Brahmins. Nobody can be Brahmin through efforts otherwise Dr. Ambedkar, Phule, would be considered Brahmins. Leave examples of Vishwamitra or Annie Basent. They are exceptional cases. Practical contemporary Hinduism is actually Brahmanism and rest of people must detach themselves from it – if they are aware of their self-respect. 
I never criticize Hinduism. It doesn’t exist. What exists behind ‘Hinduism’ is “Brahminism.” It would be good for all Non-Brahmins to leave Brahminism and their rituals, their deities, festivals, and find out their real spiritual faith by themselves, otherwise, despite Indian constitution, their generations will remain getting insulated forever!!
23:28 Wednesday 24th May 2017


Marxist Kumar

I think, same like Ambedkar and Lohia, India is not a proper place to apply Marxism in its original way. Ambedkar was though against Marxism, Lohia wanted it to modify according to Indian social problems.
Its true that Marxism is an outside thought which is not 100% applicable in this south Asian subcontinent. Our society is divided and categorized into many levels and castes. Each caste is lower than many castes and above too. The lowest categories of caste are not enough strong to rebel against upper castes. Marxism talks about economic society but here a financially strong person from lower caste is a victim of social discrimination. Dalits from Saharanpur are politically and socially poor but they are not beggars. They have sense of self-respect and this is what they’re fighting for. Dalits want social equality not to be above than upper castes. Here Marxism can not help them. In Jabalpur, 2006-07, I heard someone saying – ‘I’m Brahmins, how could I chew tobacco made by him? He is Rajput and I’m Brahmin.’ — two Labourers on same financial financial status but from different castes are not one for their rights. Marxism fails here.
They talk about science, scientific laws are same everywhere, ok, but when it comes on casteism, scientific laws can be seen crying to seek space. Casteism is though a social evil of Hindus and Hinduism but it has contaminated all people of south Asian subcontinent. Marxists never try to remove casteism of their own. I see many marxists using surnames with their names and getting married within same castes only. Marxists have no daring to go out and reject Casteism in their practical personal life. Marxism fails here too.
I like Marxism because it’s good for everyone, to make financially equal society if there is no casteism. Until, casteism is removed, Marxism will remain just an ideology for sophisticated people doing mental exercise in small gatherings.
10:23 a.m. Friday 19th May 2017

New Age Slavery in India! 

Tomorrow it’s 126th birth anniversary of Father Of Modern India, Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar. He was the most educated person of India of his time. He was an Atheist, Founder of Neo-Buddhism, who wrote the Constitution Of India. I’m an Ambedkarite!
Some of my Ambedkarite friends are going to celebrate his birth anniversary with traditional Hindu way, which Baba Saheb would never like if he would alive. Bhaki Sandhya to remember Baba Saheb is not only just foolish but also against of Ambedkarism. He was a rational person and he taught us to use our intellect before doing anything. Bhakti is for people whose Minds are habitual to be Slave.
Some people will get Baba Saheb’s statues bath like Abhishek. It would be performed by Hindu priests with Sanskrit couplets, goumutra, gobar, etc. Ambedkar had been against of it and now his followers will celebrate his birthday with Hindu rituals.
Some women will keep fast on his memory. They will have a walk with small Kalash on their head. Ambedkar lost his ministerial post for women empowerment and now ladies will remember the legend with foolish superstitious acts.
Having food together with other Caste people cannot reform Indian society. Some people are sharing Laddus to beggars and poors while fundamentalist Hindu people are assisting them with their mythological characters on invitation cards. One who has read 22 oaths of Baba Saheb will never be with fake Ambedkarite Hindus.
Until, they apply Ambedkar in their society, we people should not trust on them. They are clever and harmful to us. They may take donations for Ambedkar Statues but happens what? They secure their seat for next elections! Ambedkar brought us into light and they made us involved in singing Bhajans and Bhim Chaalisa rather than studying, improving us politically, economically.
It’s New Age Slavery of Dalits in India!
Baba Saheb was against of things has been being done by them to lure our people. They are projecting Ambedkar as an Avtar or Incarnation of Hindu Mythological Characters like Vishnu. It must be seen as a shame for Neo-Buddhists. He was against of Brahma Vishnu Mahesh Gauri Ganpati etc. He was against of So Called Mahatma like Gandhi because they never did anything to destroy Caste from Indian Society.
If one praises Baba Saheb by singing Bhajans and Chanting his Name is a Gaddar! Gaddar is also one who supports Hindu Mythology, Brahminism, Casteism, Varnas. These Gaddars will be responsible of killing Ambedkarism in India.
Ok, the Constitution Of India allows them to be Slaves of Brahmins, Hindu customs and rituals, ok – they can be Blind of Hindu traditions but they should not make Ambedkar a God. They should not contaminate Ambedkar with Fake Thoughts. They already have so much bad with Bhagat Singh! Leave Ambedkar please! Otherwise democracy will be killed by theocracy, society will be full of categories with social discriminations, your women’s will be unsafe and disrespected, reservations which is your right will be taken back, then we will have only statues. Our generations will be see slavery again for thousands of years.
Only a real Ambedkarite can resist. He resists against Brahminism, Casteism, Varna, Hindu Mythological Characters, Vedas, Puraans, Ram Charit Manas, Manusmriti, ..I remember, Baba Saheb has burnt Manusmriti. Ambedkarite should be against of Brahmanisation of Ambedkar. Manuwaadi people are too clever. They already have divided us into thousands of castes that can’t be one now. So we allow them to rule on us.
Anyone, either it’s prime minister or even president himself, if he can’t take Great 22 Oaths in public, if his behaviour is not according to 22 Oaths, but if he praises Ambedkar, 

We should not trust him!

No Bhakti is in Ambedkarism!!

22:28 Thursday 13th of April 2017

Ambedkar Today!

Neo-Buddhism founded by Dr. Ambedkar was against traditions of Hinduism like Casteism, Varna, Brahminism, etc. I see Neo-Buddhism not a new religion but a Refined Buddhism which had been contaminated with many superstitious rituals. Buddhism by Buddha was a complete way for one to be free from sufferings, and to live life happily. In later days, it was flourished well in other countries out of south-asian subcontinent but here people misunderstood it and as a result we see, all non-brahmanic traditions are considered Hindu. Today, I think, no-one would like to be considered lower than others or Brahmins just because he or she is born in other Caste. One who has self-respect as a human being, will definitely oppose the caste tradition of Hindus. Many rational social reformers before and after Dr. Ambedkar rejected Hindu Varnas and Caste traditions, but Dr. Ambedkar is a bit more important because he brought a bigger change in this south-asian subcontinent’s society. He is not less than a Messiah for all women, lower caste Hindu people, of this south asian subcontinent. No matter one is Neo-Buddhist or not but without Dr. Ambedkar India would be backward living in mediaeval era.
Today someone asked me, “Will you go to Rajghat on 14th April?”

“Rajgaht or Chaitya Bhumi, you are asking about?” I asked back.

“Oh yes yes, Chaitya Bhumi”

I said, “Two Rajghats are known most, one is from Varanasi for Jiddu Krishnamurti, another is from New Delhi for MK Gandhi.”
Another person sitting there asked me “What is kn 14th April?”

I took a pause for few seconds and replied, “It’s Dr. Ambedkar’s birth anniversary in 14th April.”

Questioner’s expression was like that he was feeling embarrassed for not knowing this.
22:02 Sunday 9th April 2017

Ambedkarism And Bahujanwad

Bahujanwad and Ambedkarism are same  ideology with different names. People must not be confused but to understand Dr. Ambedkar.
They who were untouchables are still untouchables for Savarn Hindus. If they are Hindu, they have to follow Varna category and being discriminated in social rituals remains their destiny. Even the Neo Buddhists also have a little social upliftment after Dr. Ambedkar. They who are Hindu will remain Hindu until they are misbehaved by Savarn people. Only an aware and courageous person who is willing to be a free rational man dares to leave old religion with all its tradition, cultural, rituals, philosophy and faiths. Mind must be free from old religion and old faith have to be erased from mind before converting to other religion.
People must know that some political persons in Congress pretended to be representatives of Untouchables but entire the untouchable society was with Baba Saheb Ambedkar only.
Now, newly educated people are still not enough in power to have their rights. They always forget that there were only two people who could strongly oppose to Congress and Gandhi – Dr. Ambedkar and Manavendra Nath Roy. People of these days have forgotten Manavendra Nath Roy and his ideology of Indian Communism.
In fact, Dr. Ambedkar wanted to organize untouchables but later they have been divided into various fragments. Some of them have become Congressy, some are Bahujawadi, some of them are Mool Niwasi. It proved not good for untouchables and their upliftments. It has drained their social power into various political parties and they have become just a tool for others to have reign over the nation.

Baba Seheb himself had founded a political party, security force, religious organization, he had prepared everything, still if we see other Ambedkarite Political Parties, Social Organizations, Religious Societies, what does it mean? I see them a dividing forces against Ambedkarite people.
Dr. Ambedkar got us all these rights of social-economical-political equality, were not by going to Temples but through Education and Struggle. If he would go to Temples instead of struggle, I would not be writing this article, I would not have this Android mobile phone, ..
20:29 Friday 31st March 2017

Earthian, Patriotic & Nationalist!

​Patriotism can never be a solution but another difficulty for any Nation facing problems on social traditionals religious financial and linguistic issues.
Ok, it’s obvious to have emotional feelings for the land we belong to but this land can be the mohalla, or village, or tehsil or district.. commissionery, state, region, nation, subcontinent continent, the globe too! This is patriotism! To die for your land, to have emotional touch. It is helpful for people to get the land out of problems but if this emotion is politically misused to achieve power, it is big trouble for all – people, region, nation.. Patriotism and Nationalism too are dividing forces like racism, casteism, for peaceful global humanity. 
Nationalism and Patriotism both have limits but Nationalism is bigger and broader concept than Patriotism. Bhagat Singh, Bhim Rao Ambedkar, Manavendranath Roy.. these kind of people were not just patriotic, they had broader visions and they sacrificed their lives for justice, equality, peace. I don’t think Jiddu, UG, Osho, Ramana can be limited within Patriotism and Nationalism.
Patriotism is a feeling not thought. It’s not concept in that sense. It can be provoked, stimulated, used, misused for personal or particular benefits. It’s not universal value like Truth, Humanity, Equality, Justice, Peace. Patriotism is always harmful for Nationalism.
Few people in India are claiming to be Patriotic and Nationalist, both but the facts prove them wrong. These Fake Nationalists can be noticed easily spreading rumours and provoking Patriotism behind any issue which can bring them benefits. Extreme Nationalism is another problem and illness for an Healthy Nation. They teach to be proud of regional history, they promote regional historical kings as their heroes. They claim that only their caste, their race, their history, were great and glorious. They believe if you are not like them, you are Traitor!
Being Anti-National, Anti-Patriotic are not bad and sometimes it’s good to be Anti-National, Anti-Patriotic. Nijam-Ul-Mulk was not traitor. He found Moghuls had lost values so he built his own State and in 1947 his land was the biggest most kingdom of this South-Asian Sub Continent. An Earthian also can be considered Anti-National & Anti-Patriotic but He Loves his Planet more than Nation.
Patriotism is a feeling. One can show and express this feeling. One can salute flags, say only my country is great, my land, ..I will not allow outsiders to come and earn here because my land belongs to native people only. .. etc. But, Love, Truth, Justice, Peace, Equality demands more than being just patriotic or nationalist.
We must remember that the Nation and Country is by people. If country or nation becomes more important than people than the Nation and Country are worst. Their people will never have Peace-With-Love! In this kind of lands, Rulers are considered respected and important more than The People. Here people do not have Right to ask their leaders ‘What Have You Done For Us?’ Rather, leader asks People ‘Cannot You Sacrifice For Your Nation/Country/Land?’
Most of the Nations in this world are facing Extreme Nationalism, Patriotism within Nation. Separatists are Patriotic and heroes for their land and their people. I don’t know exactly but I think, dictators have been claiming themselves to be Patriotic and this is how their opponents were considered Traitors, Anti-Patriotic, Anti-Nationalists. They successfully stimulated feelings of people and used to achieve Power. Robespierre was Nationalist, Patriotic, Traitor, Separatist or what?
If one Loves his land, his country, his nation, their people, rivers, air, ..he can Love people, air, rivers, birds ..of other nations too.
I Love the mohalla I was born in, I Love Kosmi, I Love people of Kosmi. I Love Balaghat, I Love people of Balaghat. I Love MP, I Love people of MP. I Love India, I Love people of India. I Love South Asian Subcontinent and I Love its people. I Love Earth Planet, I’m an Earthian though I Love this Universe, Sun, Moon, Stars..
02:07am Sunday 19th February 2017

भारत में प्रेम करने के बारे में कुछ बातें

प्रेम करने की आजादी निजता की हिफाजत के हक़ और व्‍यक्तिगत आजादी का सबसे महत्‍वपूर्ण मुद्दा है। इस रूप में इस आजादी के लिए डटकर लड़ना और रूढ़ि‍वादी शक्तियों एवं ”संस्‍कृति” के ठेकेदारों से मोर्चा लेना हर जिम्‍मेदार, प्रबुद्ध नागरिक का एक बुनियादी दायित्‍व है।

प्रेम के सामाजिक-ऐतिहासिक और नैतिक पक्ष से अनभिज्ञ प्रेमियों का प्रेम मध्‍यवर्गीय रूमानियत से सराबोर होता है और सहज सान्निध्‍य-प्रसूत यौनाकर्षण उसका मुख्‍य पहलू होता है। इसलिए वे प्रेम का पवित्र कार्य करते हुए भी ज़माने से डरते हैं। उनका अलगावग्रस्‍त दिलो-दिमाग इस एकान्तिक क्रिया व्‍यापार के अधिकार के लिए लड़ने हेतु सामूहिक एकजुटता की ज़रूरत को समझ ही नही पाता। जीवन के अन्‍य क्षेत्रों में रूढ़ि‍यों के साथ समझौता करने वाले प्रेमीजन प्रेम के मामले में रूढ़ि‍यों से डटकर मोर्चा लेने का साहस ही नहीं जुटा पाते।

पार्कों में बैठे जोड़ों पर जब दक्षिणपंथी गुण्‍डे हमला बोलते हैं और दौड़ाते हैं तो प्रेमियों को भागते, मुँह छिपाते, कान पकड़कर उट्ठक-बैठक करते देखकर बड़ी कोफ्त होती है। ऐसे सभी जोड़े ढेले और डण्‍डे लेकर, या खाली हाथ ही, एक साथ मिलकर ”भारतीय संस्‍कृति के ठेकेदार” गुण्‍डों के गिरोहों से भिड़ क्‍यों नहीं जाते? जो प्रेम करने की निजी आजादी के लिए जान देना तो दूर, हाथ-पैर तुड़ाने का भी जोखिम नहीं मोल ले सकते, उन्‍हें प्रेम करना ही नहीं चाहिए।

हम किसी जाति-धर्म के व्‍यक्ति से प्रेम करें, ‘सिंगल’ रहें, विवाह करें या ‘लिव इन’ में रहें, इसमें राज्‍य या सामाजिक-सामुदायिक संस्‍थाओं का दखल एकदम असहनीय है। युवाओं को तमाम रूढ़ि‍यों और वर्जनाओं को तोड़कर, अपनी निजी आजादी के भरपूर अहसास के साथ अपनी निजी जिन्‍दगी का हर फैसला खुद लेने का सा‍हस जुटाना ही होगा। उन्‍हें एकजुट होकर रूढ़ि‍वादियों, खाप चौधरियों और धार्मिक पोंगापंथियों से मोर्चा लेना ही होगा। आधुनिकता वेशभूषा और नयी-नयी उपभोक्‍ता सामग्रियों और तकनीकों के इस्‍तेमाल का नाम नहीं है। सच्‍चे अर्थों में आधुनिक वही है जो तर्कणा और वैज्ञानिक दृष्टि से लैस है और जिसकी दिमागी बनावट-बुनावट जनवादी है। जो वास्‍तव में आधुनिक भी नहीं, वह प्रगतिशील या वामपंथी भला कैसे हो सकता है?
By –  Kavita Krishnapallavi