First Paying Student

I’m only in Green Park that has been continuing with Chinese friends so it was easy for others to notice me. I don’t know what people think about me or about my friends from China. Some people said me they like my Tai Chi movements. A person, more than 50 years, has  sometimes asked me to teach him Tai Chi but I took his words not seriously. When he suggested me to start a class and he would like to be my first paying-student, I agreed happily.
Next day, at decided time I reached at the park and he was six minutes late.

I asked him if he wants to learn without pay or would like to pay my fees?

I said 500/- rupees for 45 minutes session, per day, and he would learn 24 within 5-7 days, and rest 20 days will be for practicing.

Maybe, he misunderstood my words and thought I would charge 500/- per day for entire the month while my fees would be for 7 days only. Rest 20 days practice would be free. Initial 7 days I would ask him to be continue and and sincere.

He said he would give me 5000/- for entire the month.

I said – OK.


Happened what, 

We started the class. And after some movements he found Tai Chi is too difficult for him. He thought me doing Tai Chi movements are smooth and easy but he realized too difficult and said – ‘Shekhar, I think I need to study it more then I should come to you again.’

I said – OK

I suggested him to watch videos also.

And this is how I lost my first paying student. My commercial class has been stopped before starting.
I think, I’m not good for teaching. Some people say me a good teacher but this example and experience was not good for me as Tai Chi teacher.
Another lady wanted to learn and after some classes she left. She also said me that she would give some fees but she never came back.
I feel, they like to see me doing Tai Chi, they feel it is easy and relaxing exercise, for body and mind but it is difficult when it comes to do for them.

..or I’m not good person to teach these people.
I don’t have any other options. Teaching Tai Chi would be another option. I’m hesitant to ask people for fees. This time I asked openly and student left.
18:45 Wednesday 7th June 2017


Children To Learn Tai Chi 

Ta – When should I send my 3 years old son?
Wo – ….Where?
Ta – To learn Tai Chi.
Wo – When he is able to understand.
Ta – …His understanding is much better than you. Got it?
Wo – …if you wanted to humiliate me than it’s different thing but for your question, I have answered already.
Who would teach him Tai Chi?

Na, I would not.

I feel, children are difficult to teach Tai Chi. Their energy is uncontrollable and they are not focused if they are not interesting in something.
Parents don’t know what their children want to do or be. Parents wants their children to learn everything, painting, music, writing, dancing, acting, and later they want them to become doctors, engineers, civil servants. Parents are not father and mother. Parents are people who impose their unfulfilled desires on children and want children to do everything.
I think, children below 8-10 years are difficult to teach Tai Chi. If they are above 10 years and still not interested in learning, I would not like to drag them into Tai Chi.
A 15 years old boy was my student. He was in 11th standard. His father asked me to teach him Tai Chi. I found him not interested in learning. His father also used to practice with us so that his son would be encouraged but I saw no progress in the son. He used not to listen my words, his eyes were somewhere else when I was teaching him. Finally, I had to tell his father that his son is not interested and I could not spend my time on him.
Maybe, my processe or method of teaching is not good, it might be very boring but because I was not changing any fee, I could not spend time on someone not interested in learning.
Tai Chi is good if one feels the rhythm.
18:55 Wednesday 17th May 2017

Helpful Tai Chi 

Rudeness in talking comes,

if one is disturbed, 

Unsatisfied inside.
It’s important to know

If you are rude or your way of talking is rude.

Maybe you have not achieved that what you have been expecting to.

Your dissatisfaction with what you have earned in your life

Also makes you doing what you do, how you do.

Karma, or all other factors are also there.

Family, friends, surrounding or loneliness makes one careless about society.

Carefreeness is actually frustration towards people and society.
Then politeness come like helplessness.

You are not dominating because you don’t dare to order people.

You are no authoritative.
In that case,

You are



Almost Dead!!!
Tai Chi helps to deal with all this.

Tai Chi helps to know the formless, nameless, thoughtless, emotionless.

The light is there with 

No emotions, 

No thoughts,

No names,

No forms.

You find yourself with everything.

All material things are there with their real look.

All forms are results of that formlessness.

And suddenly you are caged again in projected reality –

And you find that you are not free yet!
21:15 Thursday 5th May 2017

Aging Without Achievements!

​I have to dye my hair every week. Yes, I will complete 35th in April and almost all of my hair have turned gray. I buy cheapest black dye pack available in Kirana Shops, in 17/- rupees and I use a pack twice.
Today I opened a new pack and used half of powder on my hair. After having bath I went to visit some audition but one of my friends caught my hair dye was not properly applied. Many gray hair in back of my head can be seen clearly. It made me nervous and I came back to home. I put the rest of dye-powder in bowl with water & shampoo and left for hour. In evening I applied the paste again in my hair. I’m still not sure it is ok or not.
Gray hair is not bad but I don’t want it now. After 40 it would be ok but at 36, no no. My hair of eyebrows, inside nose also have become gray but I still feel young because I do Tai Chi, Yoga, Exercises. If I’m tired then I recover freshness soon. I wake up early morning with freshness. Yes I need to take a nap at noon and if I don’t take nap than only I feel lazy.
Today I have become more conscious about my aging. Tai Chi is said to reduce aging, enhance inside energy, be good for flexibility and strengthening muscles – Let’s see how long I will live.
A friend said me my hair have become gray and a long time  is still remained to pass. People feel happiness if they are said they will live long but I didn’t feel happy. It was scary to hear those words proving me getting old with no worldly achievements – I have nothing to feel proud on. Ok, I do Tai Chi, I know some Yoga postures but that’s not enough! Something else and more is required to live a respected life in this economic society.
22:05 Friday 17th February 2017

Selfy, Celebrity & Meek

​Today when I went to garden, three guys were practicing their kicks. Two of them were same asked me to teach Tai Chi. After my initial exercises, I stared teaching them some movements of 24. Chi Chi, Christy and Melody had also come their till 8. I took a break from teaching Tai Chi and joined practice with my Chinese friends. A person had been watching us doing Tai Chi. It is not a new thing for us. People watch us doing 24 & 48 but rarely one comes to talk to us. It’s maybe because Indians hate Chinese people, or they think Tai Chi is difficult or they maybe thinking that these Chinese people ask for fee to teach Tai Chi. But that guy approached to us and directly asked to Melody about Tai Chi, how many forms she knows, some techniques, fees etc. He asked me too how many forms I know. Later he demonstrated some movements of 24, and left. He said he will come tomorrow with his son. When I was doing Tai Chi with Chinese friends, I saw those three guys feeling hesitation. When we finished our practices, one of these three guys asked for a selfy with him and of course I was ready. They took almost three pictures with me but not all three, just one person. It reminds me the the ad I did for Sharon plywood one and half years ago – everyone of the unit was willing to take picture with me. I was feeling like celebrity that time – but this time I didn’t feel like celebrity. I don’t know why did he took photo with me. When I shared this incident and feeling about it with my friends, one of them said me a ‘meek’.

00:04 Saturday 31st December 2016

24th December 2016, Saturday 

​Yesterday I made calls to some Tai Chi teachers. One of them said his fee is 12 thousands for seven months, two days class in a week, and he allows practicing with him forever. I asked him about certification course, he said he doesn’t give certificate but he can certify me. He clearly said on phone that he teaches Qi Kong, and not Tai Chi martial art.
Second was a lady said me to come and meet. Today I went to the address she sent me. I rang the bell, a fatty girl opened the door and asked me my ID card that I gave her. After a minute she returned my ID card and allowed me to enter. It was a 1bhk flat fully decorated colourful, so many posters of Bruce Lee and his quotes were on wall. Some of certificates of instructors were also there among posters. Three boys were inside practicing kicks. That fatty girl asked me to read quotes, newspaper cuttings of instructor praising her, etc. I finished all then she said me to watch a video on tv which was their fighting practices, fees etc. After video finished, fatty girl sent me inside to talk to the instructor. It was a lady dressing in half military costume and half casual. She said about herself that she and other male teacher have been trainers for special forces etc. In our talking a clearly told her that I’m interested in Tai Chi not in fighting. Though, my intentions were to know what and how much knowledge they have about Tai Chi, but I found her dragging me to learn Martial Art. She put the logic that I’m young so need to learn Martial Art instead learning Tai Chi. Her fee was 10 thousands rupees per month, three months course for Tai Chi instructed by instructors, and if she herself would teach then it will be 20 thousands rupees per month. I left them leaving impression that ‘I’m not impressed.’ I didn’t tell them that I know Tai Chi. 
Yes I want to learn more Tai Chi forms. I know 24, 48 & 32 (sword). I’m nowadays willing to learn 56 but Chi Chi and Melody don’t know 56. — Also, I want to teach Tai Chi. I want to teach it as a Moving Meditation and Physical Exercise. I was not taught it as fighting skill. How can I promote/advertise myself, I don’t know. I don’t want to use internet, websites. Tai Chi in slow way (24 & 48) doesn’t attract youths of India. It may attract a little to old age people but they are fashioned by Yoga (only physical exercises of Yoga Philosophy not the Real Yoga). Ramdev is a good businessman who has marketized Yoga and brought it in fashion. 
I don’t have certificate. I learned Tai Chi from Chi Chi, Melody and Hui. I want to payback to society. I’m not to be a Master or Guru. I want to remain a friend for all.
But some questions are there in my mind–

How and where can I find students?

How to find old age people willing to learn Tai Chi?

Would they like to do Tai Chi instead Yoga?

How can I make Tai Chi more attractive for youth?

Do people like to fight only and not peace?
A boy, I’m teaching Tai Chi in garden, doesn’t seem to learn it. His father forces him to learn but the boy is not interested. I feel, Tai Chi doesn’t attract grownups. Ramdev has covered entire India with physical exercises of Yoga Atheist Philosophy with help of BJP Government. I’m not a businessman. Jack Ma is great, salute to him.
Evening was great in Fotang. It was language class today but they had invited a friend, so we had been talking and cleaning lamps, then we all had dinner together and I came home.

Now, Drinking Tea before bed.
22:06 Saturday 24th December 2016