तालाब किनारे की झोपड़ी

एक छोटा सा तालाब है ।

यह छोटी सी एक झील भी हो सकता है ।

आसपास कुछ पेड़ हैं मगर घने जंगल नहीं ।

घास है ।

तालाब का पानी साफ है और शाम को लोगों के पालतू जानवर यहां नहाने भी आते हैं ।

पक्षी सुबह शाम स्वाभाविक रूप से उड़ते हैं ।

तालाब से लगा एक छोटा सा घर है – झोपड़ी जैसा

पारंपरिक छोटा घर ।

घर कंक्रीट से बना है

अंदर जीवित रहने लायक सभी सुविधाएँ हैं लेकिन 

विलासिता की कोई वस्तु नहीं है ।

झोपड़ी के बाहर जैसी जितनी शांति है वैसी ही अंदर भी है ।

इस तालाब को झील कहें तो ज्यादा अच्छा है ।

इस झील और झोपड़ी के लगभग एक किलोमीटर दूर कुछ पहाड़ियां हैं पूरब में ।

दो तीन पहाड़ियां पश्चिम में भी हैं ।

दोनो तरफ पहाड़ों पर घने पेड़ हैं ।

सूरज हर सुबह इन्हीं पहाड़ों के पीछे से उगता और शाम को इन्हीं के पीछे छुपता है ।

इसमें कोई खेल नहीं है ।

झोपड़ी के अंदर बारिश का पानी नहीं रिसता ।

गरमी ज्यादा नहीं लगती और ठंडी बड़ी मजेदार होती है ।

यह झील एक छोटे से कस्बे की बाहरी सीमा पर है ।

शहर तो है ही नहीं दूर दूर तक ।

यहां इस कस्बे में और आसपास कोई बीमार नहीं होता, जाति – धर्म – राजनीति से अछूता कस्बा है ।

झोपड़ी के अंदर जो रहता है वो हजारों साल से

रह रहा है ।

तो भी कस्बे में डाॅक्टर, हाॅस्पीटल, स्कूल भी है ।
13:59 Sunday 25th June 2017

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Mysterious Is Hidden and Uncovered too!

There are three universes, they say –


Outside but under the Sky

Unseen/which is still hidden/Secret
Person, knows something about him but not all. Here individual’s universe which is hidden is mysterious.
Outside world- under the Sky, inside oceans, hidden in earth and far beyond the limits in universe – something we know but not all.

Here, the unknown is hidden and mysterious.
Something which one feels but generally not notices and ignores. If notices but not careful about the experience. If carefully experiences, but cannot explain – is hidden and mysterious.
The hidden is mysterious because one cannot reach to it. For one, who reaches there, everything is opened and clear, brighten and shining.
02:14 a.m. Monday 19th June 2017

Balance, To Make Even

When you touch metals, you feel, your getting lighter, energy flows towards the body part in contact with metallic stuff.

If it’s wooden stuff, feeling is neutral.

If it’s woollen, or cotton, feeling is same as with wood.
Sensitivity depends on sincerity.

One can feel the touch, but not the flow.

Anything which comes in contact with other, does exchange something – either it’s energy or temperature, or something, – to keep balance.
Nature promotes balance.

Equality is final goal of all movements.

So the wind moves and we see in its extreme as typhoons. In ocean, there are so many rivers, we call them streams, wandering here to there, finding their appropriate place.
Balance, fulfilment, to make equal, is Tao!

To help in it, to support it, is being on the way.

The Way Is Great!
01:47 a.m. Monday 19th June 2017

They Will Remain UnHappy!

If one is unhappy and depressed with his life, then he searches for internal, individual, personal happiness. This happiness can be so called spiritual mental peace otherwise in most of cases, the person is centralized with himself, his family, wife, children. His personal problems like illness, joblessness, are enough to make him worried and unhappy, disturbed. He has no higher goals in his life. He spends life to fulfil formalities for survival. All his efforts are either for himself or his family or relatives. Rest of world, he thinks, is cruel, unsafe, dangerous place with enemies.
I see people, who misbehave with others wearing cheap clothes, they hate poor looking people, they talk not respectful with countryside people. They, who are literate, English speaking, rich people, are uncivilized and uneducated. 
I see people around me – tall, with string muscles, but they are slaves. They are dizzying, sad, bored, looking for excitement in outer entertainment. They smell bad and to hide it they sprinkle sprays, deodorants, perfumes on their body and clothes. I do not hate them. I wonder to see how they live with superficial emotional expressions. They seem satisfied with their lifestyle. They have learned how to live like that. Their strongest desire is to be living. If they are living, they satisfy their ego, physical desires, tongue, and they just want anyhow not to die. It never been so difficult for me to tolerate such people and conditions of society. Now I’m fed up of all these. Everything has become irritating for me. I’m more sensitive for all these. I was taught to be the same person everyone are but now I’m changed. I’m unfit to this society and likeminded people are few.
23:41 Wednesday 24th May 2017

You Raise Me Up

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary.
When troubles come, and my heart burdened be.
Then I am still and wait here in the silence.
Until you come, and sit awhile with me.
You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains.
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas.
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders.
You raise me up, to more than I can be.
The song I was taught in Fotang. I generally don’t like to learn songs in Fotang. I always prefer philosophical talking rather than singing songs, praising deities, etc. This song is different. They say it’s not a holy song but when I sing this song, I feel encouraged inside. This song echoes inside me. It’s not to praise someone else outside. It’s praising the self, consciousness, own intellect.
21:46 Saturday 20th May 2017

29th April 2017

I feel,

I’m in much better condition than others.

I’m happier than people who are very much attached with face, society has given them.
Formless, Nameless, Soundless Light is cause of all what we see, touch, listen.. and everything is nothing but result. Result of inaudible, unseen cause. Of course it’s not god-ahriman-allah-brahma-tengri etc. If I say it’s Supreme Ultimate, that would also will be a lie. I feel, my ‘Initiation’ was just symbolic but I had a long journey and some experiences, and I still have the way to travel. I’m now more firm, walking, I’m still on the way.
Ta – Where are you from?
Wo – (After two second pause) From earth planet.
Ta – That’s we are also from (Made fun) I asked…. [you, which region or city you are from?]
Wo – (Overlapping) I didn’t ask where you are from.
Ta – (After a pause, looking at me) …
“Eyes Are Horizontal, Nose Is Vertical”

— this is the way of life I’m living nowadays!
23:17 Saturday 29th April 2017

Eve of Birth Anniversary

1. First you be free from all emotions or stay balanced emotionally.

2. If any of your emotions is on high, don’t talk to me.
3. All emotions are strong enough to make you crazy.

4. You will never get it until you lose me.
5. I don’t want to call you emotional fool but you are emotionally so weak.

6. I’m not going to suggest you anything anymore.
7. In first and second sentences I have not given any suggestion. I have left giving suggestions to people.
8. You are people.
9. What you say, comes from your emotional side. You will never die satisfied.
10. I wish you die frustrated, crazy, shouting, depressed, fanatic.
11. I’m also not free from emotions. I also have no control over my emotions.
12. I try to see my emotions.
13. My emotions are stronger that yours. My emotions exist.
14. My emotions are attached with thoughts. They are separate but linked too.

15. Same with my body, breathing, eyes, ….then emotions and thoughts.

16. There is Emotionlessness and Thoughtlessness, both but after Eyes, Breathing and Body.
17. You are caged under emotions. You are imprisoned of your thoughts.
18. Movement is not just moving body.
19. No, I don’t know future.
20. Weakest number is Nineteen. Weakest, useless, handicapped, helpless, poor.
21. All teachings taught by/through words are fake. Symbols are little closer. Hints are more closer. 
22. I wish to die as a monk.

23. Peace in eyes, smile on face.

24. I wish not to be buried or burnt.

25. Liu Ju Hui Neng was most fortunate one.
26. I’m afraid of numbers.
27. I wish never to contact you in future. I would not like to see you and your people.
28. Blood relations also are not true.
29. I see people very smart. Some of them are very intelligent too.
30. We don’t know who is our family. True family sometimes exists far. What we call a family is a boundary. True family is too far.
31. I try not to be driven by emotions. I try to understand what comes to me. I try to see if possible. Still I’m aware whatever is my experience, can be not true.
31. I’m surrounded by words, which contains concepts. I try to be free from concepts too.
32. Food is necessary.
33. Sometimes life lives in eyes, sometimes in tongue.
34. Holy Gate is True Way. I’m fortunate to have Three Treasures.
35. My boat is small. My boat is small.
36. I think, my time is finished. Four years make a complete circle.
37. I wish to share the treasure with all but I’m not authorized.

38. I can give some hints.

39. Again I say – my boat is small.
40. Again I say to clarify – hints are not closer the truth but they indicate to the right way. Hints maybe misunderstood but that’s same with symbols too. Na, words have less possibility to show the way. Mostly words are not true.
41. Buddha, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Hui Neng, Osho, Khalil Jibran, Rumi, Nanak-Kabeer-Raidas-Mira, Lao Zu, Confucius, ..
42. If you are under any or more emotion, you, you are contaminating others too. Better you keep your sadness inside.
43. I don’t have experiences of death. They say, death is a transformation. I will not come back to tell you when I will be dead.
44. Numbers have captured mind. Numbers are not strong. Mind is weak.
45. I’m sleepy.
46. I should sleep.
22:04 Tuesday 18th April 2017