Patriotic Nationalism For Citizen Of Earth Planet – 3

Ta – A middle and upper middle class common man wants a good and peaceful healthy life with happiness. He  ignores rebellious voices of poor people against rich industrialists and politicians.
Wo – Hmm
Ta – If poor tribals, Dalits, Religious Minorities raise voice for justice, it propagated as threat for integrity of nation.
Wo – Yes.
Ta – What should they do then? To stay quiet and tolerate injustice by powerful people or to die following their heart?
Wo – Depends. It varies man to man. What would you do?
Ta – ….I don’t know. Actually, I don’t know what would I do if my kin and family members are killed by Upper Caste Hindus, ..
Wo – You will be requested to have Faith in the Constitution Of India and Judiciary.
Ta – Ambedkar’s constitution could bring equality for all, to build a strong and peaceful happy nation.
Wo – Right, but some fundamentalists and their organizations have started playing game of Nationalism for their own benefits. If you see skme people are making noise for Nationalism, be aware, they are actual Anti-Nationalists.
Ta – To divert people’s mind from their real problems. They feed up minds with feelings of war against neighbouring nations, they divert people and their energy.
Wo – Ok, the discussion is converting into criticize for them – Clever People in Power.
Ta – Then, what should one do?
Wo – Don’t ask others what to do or not. Love your surroundings, environment and People around you. Be not a harmful for society. Have Faith in Love.
13:22 Tuesday 23th May 2017


You Raise Me Up

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary.
When troubles come, and my heart burdened be.
Then I am still and wait here in the silence.
Until you come, and sit awhile with me.
You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains.
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas.
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders.
You raise me up, to more than I can be.
The song I was taught in Fotang. I generally don’t like to learn songs in Fotang. I always prefer philosophical talking rather than singing songs, praising deities, etc. This song is different. They say it’s not a holy song but when I sing this song, I feel encouraged inside. This song echoes inside me. It’s not to praise someone else outside. It’s praising the self, consciousness, own intellect.
21:46 Saturday 20th May 2017

Dhamma : Not a Religion

Buddha says – Do not waste time and energy to search for Ishwar or Brahma. There is nobody to come from the sky and help you.
You cannot go against Ishwar in religion. You cannot disdain holy books. If you use your intellect which goes against religious books, you are criticized. Dhamma teaches you to think, doubt, go against it to examine, and believe only if you find something is right.
Religion teaches to have Faith in someone imaginary who comes to help you when it’s needed. Dhamma teaches Atta Deep Bhava – become your light yourself.
Buddha says – I do not give you Nirvana, Moksha, Salvation, Freedom from suffering. I just show you the way. Dhamma is a humanitarian way to live a peaceful life.
Many of us, who believe that Dhamma and Religion are the same, need to analyse carefully. Religion has to be accepted, to get into it, with rituals, while Dhamma educates one to to find or create his own way. Religion believes in many illogical existences like ghosts, satan, ishwar, soul, atma, rooh, deities, while Dhamma is logical and based on science. Dhamma promotes scientific analytical way to think, doubt and examine before believe in something.
Religion teaches social inequality, discriminations, while in Dhamma, everyone is equal. Dhamma is the education, knowledge which is available to everyone. You find something imaginary person in religion or someone who unsuccessfully tries to prove himself as a representative of that imaginary one, but there is nobody who claims to be doot or only representative of someone imaginary. In Dhamma you see a series of enlightened people who never claim to be Ishwar, or his representatives. They all were human being with great and purr wisdom.
Buddha says :- ‘Buddha’ is the state of highest and purest consciousness when you are balanced, in eternal peace, love and happiness, beyond of all fear and sufferings. They who reach on that level but rejects to achieve Nirvana for people, are Bodhisattwas. Dr. Ambedkar also is considered a Bodhisattwa in that sense He was an Angel who showed a better way to people of India.
Religion is irresistible while in Dhamma you are totally free. Dhamma never forces you to do or not do, believe or not believe in something. Everyone is free to use his intellect with Prabuddha Way.
23:12 Wednesday 17th May 2017

Tai Chi : Meditation!

Ta – Sorry I’m late.. I was doing meditation.
Wo – It’s ok. You can join now.
Ta – Have you finished?
Wo – Almost.
Ta – Am.. ok.
(After few minutes)
Ta – Don’t you do meditation? I know you do Tai Chi that’s also meditation.. but that, to sit and medicate.. you don’t do?
Wo – We are in modern time. That way of meditation was used by ancient time that was suitable for them, to go mountain, to sit continue for days. I do meditation. I do Tai Chi, but also, meditation for this time is not only in Sitting, but also Eating, Walking, Talking, Sleeping, too. I do meditation. It’s not like to go to toilet for 10 minutes every morning and come out. It’s always with breathing, with movement, with eys, and in all their combination.
Ta – What are benefits of Tai Chi?
Wo – Don’t be greedy!
Ta – Why do you do Tai Chi then?
Wo – I enjoy!
Ta – Why should I do Tai Chi?
Wo – Search on internet!
21:56 Monday 1st May 2017

Earthian, Patriotic & Nationalist!

​Patriotism can never be a solution but another difficulty for any Nation facing problems on social traditionals religious financial and linguistic issues.
Ok, it’s obvious to have emotional feelings for the land we belong to but this land can be the mohalla, or village, or tehsil or district.. commissionery, state, region, nation, subcontinent continent, the globe too! This is patriotism! To die for your land, to have emotional touch. It is helpful for people to get the land out of problems but if this emotion is politically misused to achieve power, it is big trouble for all – people, region, nation.. Patriotism and Nationalism too are dividing forces like racism, casteism, for peaceful global humanity. 
Nationalism and Patriotism both have limits but Nationalism is bigger and broader concept than Patriotism. Bhagat Singh, Bhim Rao Ambedkar, Manavendranath Roy.. these kind of people were not just patriotic, they had broader visions and they sacrificed their lives for justice, equality, peace. I don’t think Jiddu, UG, Osho, Ramana can be limited within Patriotism and Nationalism.
Patriotism is a feeling not thought. It’s not concept in that sense. It can be provoked, stimulated, used, misused for personal or particular benefits. It’s not universal value like Truth, Humanity, Equality, Justice, Peace. Patriotism is always harmful for Nationalism.
Few people in India are claiming to be Patriotic and Nationalist, both but the facts prove them wrong. These Fake Nationalists can be noticed easily spreading rumours and provoking Patriotism behind any issue which can bring them benefits. Extreme Nationalism is another problem and illness for an Healthy Nation. They teach to be proud of regional history, they promote regional historical kings as their heroes. They claim that only their caste, their race, their history, were great and glorious. They believe if you are not like them, you are Traitor!
Being Anti-National, Anti-Patriotic are not bad and sometimes it’s good to be Anti-National, Anti-Patriotic. Nijam-Ul-Mulk was not traitor. He found Moghuls had lost values so he built his own State and in 1947 his land was the biggest most kingdom of this South-Asian Sub Continent. An Earthian also can be considered Anti-National & Anti-Patriotic but He Loves his Planet more than Nation.
Patriotism is a feeling. One can show and express this feeling. One can salute flags, say only my country is great, my land, ..I will not allow outsiders to come and earn here because my land belongs to native people only. .. etc. But, Love, Truth, Justice, Peace, Equality demands more than being just patriotic or nationalist.
We must remember that the Nation and Country is by people. If country or nation becomes more important than people than the Nation and Country are worst. Their people will never have Peace-With-Love! In this kind of lands, Rulers are considered respected and important more than The People. Here people do not have Right to ask their leaders ‘What Have You Done For Us?’ Rather, leader asks People ‘Cannot You Sacrifice For Your Nation/Country/Land?’
Most of the Nations in this world are facing Extreme Nationalism, Patriotism within Nation. Separatists are Patriotic and heroes for their land and their people. I don’t know exactly but I think, dictators have been claiming themselves to be Patriotic and this is how their opponents were considered Traitors, Anti-Patriotic, Anti-Nationalists. They successfully stimulated feelings of people and used to achieve Power. Robespierre was Nationalist, Patriotic, Traitor, Separatist or what?
If one Loves his land, his country, his nation, their people, rivers, air, ..he can Love people, air, rivers, birds ..of other nations too.
I Love the mohalla I was born in, I Love Kosmi, I Love people of Kosmi. I Love Balaghat, I Love people of Balaghat. I Love MP, I Love people of MP. I Love India, I Love people of India. I Love South Asian Subcontinent and I Love its people. I Love Earth Planet, I’m an Earthian though I Love this Universe, Sun, Moon, Stars..
02:07am Sunday 19th February 2017

Exactly What Happens Is 

​Ta – …so you will remain like this? Entire your life??
Wo – Like what??
Ta – Unmarried.
Wo – So what??
Ta – Without getting married??
Wo – Why are you so curious??
Ta – You are man and without woman.. I mean.. How??
Wo – What do you want to ask..??
Ta – Can you live.. Without having sex??
Wo – First, Brahmashcharya must be seen respected. Second, I didn’t say, I won’t do sex!!
Ta – Then??
Wo – Do you think one need to get married for having sex??
Ta – No.. I didn’t mean that.. but.. then how?
Wo – Do you think if one is married, then he or she is devoted to her husband or his wife?
Ta – They must be.. They should.. I think..
Wo – The fact is, Extramarital affairs are in practice! People are married with their husbands or wives but they love someone else. They dream of beautiful woman. Men are married but they stare young teenager girls..
Ta – Ok but that’s not good.
Wo – You believe, Hod has made couples in heaven. Everyone is there for someone. Man is married to his wife but he has emotional relationship with another woman and physical relationships with third woman and wife is just a showpiece at home, to take care of kids. Do you think God did so because..
Ta – It’s their fault. God cannot do wrong. Or maybe god has different planning for the man. Who knows!
Wo – Why do people do marriage? Reason for getting married.
Ta – produce generation, so that they can ..have generations continue and.. so ..also sex is one of a reasons. Sex is need for human being.. for all living beings..
Wo – just for having sex, is it necessary for one to get married? Ok, if one wants children, cannot he or she has children without getting married?
Ta – How is it possible??
Wo – Don’t you know about prostitution?
Ta – You promote prostitution?
Wo – I don’t promote anything. I say what is actually. I say,  prostitution is there in our society. I say, Extramarital affairs are in practice. I say, people have physical relationships without getting married. I don’t promote them. I don’t promote anything.
Ta – What is your stand then??
Wo – About what??
Ta – Marriage, sex and children.
Wo – Marriage is an unnatural, unnecessary and bad tradition that provided partial security to women in ancient time but also has taken freedom from tham and helped to make this Mlae Dominated Society. I support women freedom.
Ta – Are you feminist? Infected by Simon or like that??
Wo – I support equality, in all sense!
20:56 Monday 13rd February 2017

They Are Smart! Stupid Is Me! 

No no..

People are smart!
They are not fool to believe in you easily.

You cannot keep them ignorant for a long time.
They know you how much depth you have in your first meeting.

But they don’t tell you how stupid you are.
They either respect your inner-self or don’t want to make you feel sad. So they avoid argument.
Actually, they have been enjoying your stupidity. Your foolishness is their Entertainment.
Maybe they don’t know everything about you but they guess what you are, how honest you are.. who you are!
They understand everything.

They know all.
I cannot make fool to anyone. I don’t know how to take advantage of someone’s stupidity. I have no ability to get benefits from helplessness of someone.
I’m stupid.

I’m not smart.

I’m in my imaginary universe where I feel me comfortable to be.
I find me somehow unfit for this society

But I’m thankful to people, to everyone and everything for tolerating me.
Nothing is left.

People are smart.
22:41 Thursday 9th February 2017