Children To Learn Tai Chi 

Ta – When should I send my 3 years old son?
Wo – ….Where?
Ta – To learn Tai Chi.
Wo – When he is able to understand.
Ta – …His understanding is much better than you. Got it?
Wo – …if you wanted to humiliate me than it’s different thing but for your question, I have answered already.
Who would teach him Tai Chi?

Na, I would not.

I feel, children are difficult to teach Tai Chi. Their energy is uncontrollable and they are not focused if they are not interesting in something.
Parents don’t know what their children want to do or be. Parents wants their children to learn everything, painting, music, writing, dancing, acting, and later they want them to become doctors, engineers, civil servants. Parents are not father and mother. Parents are people who impose their unfulfilled desires on children and want children to do everything.
I think, children below 8-10 years are difficult to teach Tai Chi. If they are above 10 years and still not interested in learning, I would not like to drag them into Tai Chi.
A 15 years old boy was my student. He was in 11th standard. His father asked me to teach him Tai Chi. I found him not interested in learning. His father also used to practice with us so that his son would be encouraged but I saw no progress in the son. He used not to listen my words, his eyes were somewhere else when I was teaching him. Finally, I had to tell his father that his son is not interested and I could not spend my time on him.
Maybe, my processe or method of teaching is not good, it might be very boring but because I was not changing any fee, I could not spend time on someone not interested in learning.
Tai Chi is good if one feels the rhythm.
18:55 Wednesday 17th May 2017


ShowBiz Market 

​Two ladies approached to me and one of them asked me if I can teach other lady’s son. I agreed obviously. I said I don’t know much, I know only four forms and that is what I can teach Tai Chi to her son. Then she asked me about time. I said it depends on availability, I come here at 6:00 – 6:30 am for my practice, This week I’m busy, if her son wants to join, I can teach. I made them clear that I’m not professional teacher and suddenly their reaction, I found, was changed. 
What I now understand is, people thought me professional teacher. I will feel uncomfortable to take fee for teaching Tai Chi. I learned Tai Chi from my Taoist Friends and they didn’t take money from me. I’m thankful to them.
I talked to Chi Chi about those two ladies and told her all conversation between me and them. I’m not greedy about money, I’m greedy about fame, so I asked Chi Chi should I charge money for teaching Tai Chi? I offered her that she can take all money as donation to Fotang from my side.
I’m not sure what will be the reply from her. Maybe she and Melody will decide not to take money from people. When people ask me about fees by Chinese people, I put a logic that all these skills are from nature / God, and their moral does not allow them to take money from teaching this. 
I’m learning Yoga from a friend. He is teaching me and my friends how to be a Yoga teacher. If I get opportunity to teach Tai Chi, professionally, it can be a training itself to be teacher before being Yoga teacher.
I’m not greedy for money. My moral does not allow me to take money for teaching Tai Chi. I should follow my disciplines. All trainers there in garden charge fees for teaching Yoga, Martial Art etc. 
23:14 Tuesday 24th January 2017

No Style Is Wrong Style, They Are Just Different 

A master who wandering beside a lake one day, heard the sounds of the ‘Walking On Water’ mantra being chanted incorrectly from an island a little way from the bank. The master, full of compassion for the errant and wishing to teach the correct formula, found a boat and rowed across the water to the island. (He had not yet mastered the method himself and had to make do with the more conventional means of crossing, i.e. a boat.)
Arriving at the camp of a young Sufi novice, he instructed him in the correct words and their order. The novice was delighted at the intervention of so venerable a master and thanked him profusely for taking the time to help. Returning to the boat, the master set out for the bank, rightfully contented at his good deed in helping the young man. Cut short in his thoughts he looked up in astonishment to see the young novice running on the water shouting, ‘Master, Master, come back, come back. I’ve forgotten the words.’

I read this story on a website I was surfing about Tai Chi. Yesterday I came to know some Tai Chi classes in Mumbai, their movements in YouTube videos are different from us. They are sometimes fast and sometimes slow. Their movements looks like they are making efforts and using muscles’ power. What I do is different – slow movement, concentrating on my body movements, with breathings, bent knees, circular way. They, according to their websites, provide fortification course also. I’m not certified from any institute, I learned from my teachers trio – ChiChi, Hui & Melody. I won’t say whose way is right because while doing Tai Chi, It’s revealed in me that Nothing Is Wrong, Just Different. I know 24, 48 & 32 (sword) and I don’t have certificate. I don’t have pay money anyone to certify me. 
Above story, I read yesterday evening and I came to know about Tai Chi Classes at noon yesterday. I was a bit sad and confused after knowing about classes but the story made me feeling comfortable. 
10:06 am Monday 28th November 2016



Chi Chi is a Chinese girl teaches me Yuanji and Tai Chi in Lokhandwala Park every morning. She believes in Tao (Dao) philosophy and Tai Chi is integral part of it while Yuanji is a mixture of martial art and dance. Chi Chi is in India for 3 years (according to her) and I know her since 2nd of March 2016. She and her friends/allies Melody, Hoi, two old ladies also come with her and practice with us.

Chi Chi and Melody invited me to her place. They told me to come for lunch but another lady there informed me that they may baptize me with Dao. It was good for me as I could make my mind before going there. Chi Chi said me to avoid Onion and Garlic for 3 days before coming her place. I expressed my inability because I couldn’t ask my sister in law to cook without using Onion and Garlic, also if I eat something outside which may contain Onion and Garlic, how could I know? And Chi Chi said ‘If you want, you will manage.’

This sentence of her hit my mind and echoed in my ears. That morning I came home from garden and asked my sister in law if she can cook without onion and garlic. And she said Yes. My elder brother asked me if I’m leaving onion forever, I replied ‘na, just stopping for few days’.

I can’t categorize myself into vegetarian, non-vegetarian, aggetarian etc. Rather, I eat everything which is edible, fresh, nutritious and tasty if possible. I have my own thoughts/views on what is edible and what is not. I didn’t eat meat when I was kid. Once in my friend’s relatives’ place I was served chicken. When they found me eating roti with seera, they guessed me vegetarian. They immediately cooked Ladies Fingers/ Okra for me and I could finish my dinner but that made me realized that I should be flexible with my habits. From then I started eating non-veg also, but I still prefer veg.

Chi Chi’s words too strong, can be taken as mantra. She said is neither new nor charismatic but hit my mind and made me avoiding onion and garlic from my food. What did she say? Just a simple sentence. Nothing else.

On third day of leaving onion & garlic, they called me to their home. Their priest Dian Chuan Shi baptized me with Dao on 13th of March, 2016. Two other Indian ladies there tried to make me feel comfortable as it was not changing religion. I said ok. I had no problem. I had already informed Chi Chi about my Atheists, my practicing of Four Noble Truths and Sartre’s Existentialism. I knew already about Tao, Laughing Buddha, Confucias, Tao Teh Ching, Lao Tzu, and their philosophies.

‘Baptize’ is not proper word for the ceremony Dian Chuan Shi did on me. It was not sort of ‘changing religion’, it was just sharing some symbolic ideas with me and their philosophy. And I bet, I may explain Dao better then them.

Here I say what I really want from them is, to learn Tai Chi, to know essence of energy, to understand relationship between energy-mind & body. I’m not so interested in Yuanji. I have already said her that I want to learn Tai Chi. It’s two weeks have been completed and I still can’t remember all steps of Tai Chi 24.