Helping Is Possible On Same Level. 

You cannot help them until their minds are ready to get your help.

You cannot ask them – ‘May I help you?’

You will be ignored.

If they need your help but are hesitant, will not ask you to help them.

You know they are hesitant but they need your help, you can’t go ahead to help them.

They’re hesitant but they need your help, you ask ‘May I help you?’ Their ego may get hurt.
Helping is between two or more people on equal level of understanding. A master and disciple are on same level of understanding only then they can exchange and communicate successfully. Master is no one but an having more experience and practice than disciple.
No-one is upper or lower, senior or junior. We all are same. Our mind in third level is almost blind and caged inside own boundaries. They cannot listen you properly if you are trying to solve their problem. Mind is not ready to allow your words to reach it.
Most of us are living like this.

We need help.

We cannot ask for help.

We can help.

We do not help.

We get hurt if one asks to help.

We wait for them to ask for help.

We keep ourselves on different levels.

– If they need help, they should ask for help.

– I can help, but why do I?

– I’m able to help means I’m higher.

– If I ask for help, I will be considered lower.

– ..
Still, you can’t help.

You are asked – ‘How to download this song?’

You know, but to clarify the question you ask – ‘Video or Audio?’

Your clarifying question is ignored and you see them suffering but you cannot help them. You could have help them and song would be downloaded within a minute but you see them suffering and still you cannot help.

— different levels of minds.
22:30 Friday 19th May 2017

Three Lines Of Encouragement!

You can do!

You are nice!!

I will help you!!!
— These three lines I learned yesterday in Tao Class. It was regular Thursday class but DCS was here for her casual visit. She talked about so many things. I like to listen DCS because their topics are relevant. Unlike other religious gurus they talk about normal things and their speeches are not preaching. DCS are normal people with better understanding. This DCS is one who helped me to getting the treasures so I like her a bit more than others.
One has to be ready to accept their failure as well as success, politely. I will give me 70-80% out of 100 for this. I see my mind is not so polite to see things equally. I’m working for it and I should help others to get that simplicity. Though everyone of us is different, we are same inside. When our emotions and thoughts are wiped out, cleaned, we all are same – no comparisons are there.
Duality helps to understand outer world. It also leads mind to total mess if it gets attached with things. Hosh is there at front, but mind is not always there. The highest, purest level is near and possible for everyone to reach there. Just need is to encourage them with three lines —
You can do!

You are nice!!

I will help you!!!
I may not have money to help financially. I may not be having that understanding, to solve their problems. I can, at least, encourage them to get forward.
— for what?
Either it’s matter of psychological spiritual matter or worldly affairs, three lines are great encouragement.

I’m not going to search them but would be ready to encourage who comes to me. It all should be left on circumstances. I politely accept that my Boat is Small.
21:55 Friday 19th May 2019

Presence Of Mind!

In a store in US, a man asked for 1/2 kg of butter.
The salesperson, a young boy, said that only 1kg packs were available in the Store, but the man insisted on buying only 1/2 kg.
So the boy went inside to the manager’s room and said “An idiot outside wants to buy only 1/2 kg of butter”.
To his surprise, the customer was standing right behind him.
So the boy added immediately, “And this gentleman wants to buy the other half”.
After the customer left, the manager said “You have saved your position by being clever enough at the right time. Where do you come from?”
To this the boy said, “I come from Brazil. The place consists of only prostitutes and football players!”
The manager replied coldly, “My wife is also from Brazil!!”.
To this the boy asked excitedly, “Oh yeah? Which team does she play for?” 

Presence of mind helps, never Panic, there’s always a solution!

Be an Observer not a Thinker! 

It is the same way he was on yesterday but he is not the same person. He was a normal person yesterday, ignorant of his own thoughts and emotions. Now, he is aware! And when he reached on her doorstep, he was thoughtless but awakened. Buddha said – ‘See inside and don’t do anything. Remember! Each thought must be under your observation. No thought may pass without your permission. Just remember that.’
He stepped on her doorsteps. He was able to see his own breathings. He could see all movements of his hands, legs, everything. He was having lunch and feeling it was someone else he was feeding to.
When you become an observer, you will be in duality. This duality is not an illusion or hallucination. It is the last step of detachment. You will see yourself acting speaking doing all things and you are also another person at the same time. Doer and Observer! Both are different but same as well.
He had finished his food but it was someone else who was having food and he was just an observer. They say – ‘You are the observer not the doer.’
He was shocked. He came back to Buddha with divine happiness in his heart.
If you are aware then there is no thought. If you see inside yourself as an observer, you may have emotions but no thoughts. Thoughts are secondary, emotions are primary result. The time, when you are free from thoughts but awakened about emotions and aware about breathing, movements, ..You will clearly see Doer and Observer are different.
‘That is the Sutra’ Buddha says, ‘one who is fine to see this, is able to be a Bodhisattwa!’

BE an Observer of Thoughts not Thinker!!
(Tried to summarize a Whatsapp post in my words!)
21:58 Monday 8th May 2017

Become Aware Of Yourself!

Young Monk – Sorry! I’m not supposed to go to the same house I have visited today.
Buddha – Why? What happened??
Young Monk – All the way I have been missing my favourite dishes this morning. As I reached there, the young lady had cooked the same dishes for me. I was surprised but I thought it may be just coincidence. When I was having food, I had been missing my home where I used to be asked to take rest after lunch. I was shocked again when the lady requested me to take rest after finishing my lunch. I thought it also nothing but just a coincidence. I finished my plate and went to take a nap then I was missing again my home, where I used to sleep in expensive comfortable bed while there, at the house, I was lied down on someone else’s normal mat. Suddenly then the lady appears from behind and said – “Brother! This mat is neither of you nor me.” I was horrified now. It was not just coincidence. I asked the lady – “How do you know what is inside my mind? How is it possible?” The lady replied – “Practice / Meditation has brought me emptiness and now all thoughts & emotions are visible to me.” I was too horrified. I ran back to here and ..I don’t want to visit yhe house again.
Buddha – But why? The reason seems not enough.
Young Monk – ..because, to say.. I’m sorry.. Please don’t ask me to visit there tomorrow.
Buddha – No No. Tell me why don’t you want to go there?
Young Monk – ..because the lady was so beautiful and I had some bad thoughts about her. She must have read that too. How can I face her again? How can I ask  for Bheeksha on her door?
Buddha – You must go there again, better if tomorrow. It’s part of your cultivation. It will help you to be an observer of your thoughts, emotions and behaviour. You will become aware of yourself. 
21:11 Monday 8th May 2017

How To Stay Aware About Self? 

Question – How to be / stay aware about / of oneself?
Answer – There are four ways to stay aware of yourself. Two of them are internal processes, two others are, of course, external.
External –
1. To be aware of body movements

2. To be aware of breathing
Internal –
1. To be aware of Thoughts

2. To be aware of Emotions
For body movements, one has to be knowing, which part of body is moving, and for what?

If part is not moving, one should be knowing of that too.
For breathing, person should be aware of Inhalation and Exhalation too.

Also, should be knowing about length of Inhalation and Exhalation.

More clearly, one becomes aware of Points Between Inhalation and Exhalation then Exhalation and Inhalation.

Later, one can see clearly both of the ends of Inhalation also Exhalation.
Here, one gets the understanding developed to feel his Death! Though, person doesn’t die but he starts recognizing death between breathings.

Here one can experience the Sunyata inside.
For thoughts, one is aware of informations his mind is getting through senses. He also can see how informations are covered by another informations, how one information is stronger or weaker than other information, how one thought gets converted into other thought. One becomes knowing about transition too.
For emotions, it’s little difficult for one to stay away from self and observe the feelings. One, if practices, becomes aware of emotions, their processes to change into another. One should be knowing when emotion is getting changed and how. Which reasons or causes are there behind changes of Emotions, one has to be knowing that too.
21:08 Thursday 6th April 2017

“How We Think or Want” is True,  not “What We Think or Want” !!

​Omg! You are still unmarried?
It’s not so shocking, I think.
Ok, but when are you going to get married?
Why are you so worried about me?
Just asking..
Well, it depends on me and my circumstances. And nobody has to be worried about it. My sexual life, my religious & spiritual faith, my political ideologies are my personal matter. If anyone or anything from outside comes to know it and I’m reluctant, then I can be violent and I will have no repentance for that.
I think it’s not so personal. Everyone shows their spiritual or religious faith in public.
I think different then. Simple!
What’s problem to talk about ..these your personal matters?
It’s an encroachment in my personal life! We can talk about other things like, how same words have different meanings, how jataka tales have not been so popular etc.
What’s use of that.. of talking about these things?
Maybe no use. But if you want to talk to me, please don’t entrench into my very individual matters.
Then communication is impossible with you.
We are communicating already, you see? We are sharing our views and this is how we may know each other. It’s good.
Ok I came to know what you think over something, you now know about my thinking.. then what?
It’s useless to know what someone is saying. Important is to know how one is thinking. This is how you may know who is who. Our words are fake. Our words are not true most of the time. Words are sometimes about “what we think or want” and then also it’s not true. “How we think or want” is real. Most of Hindus want Muslims get out if India but their words don’t express their real feelings. They have to tolerate Muslims in India and so their words come out showing religious harmony. If the harmony would be real, there would be No Caste System in India.
12:45 pm Monday 6th March 2017