Me as a Dragon in my Dream

Today, (17th of May 2017), early morning I dreamt that Chi Chi, Melody and me were somewhere. They were standing under a tree but everything was also green.
I was sleeping on grasses under the sky. Suddenly I felt small transparent snakes not more than 5 inches are crawling there. Chi Chi started taking pictures of those small snakes in her mobile phone while I was afraid and running away from them.
Gradually number and size of snakes increased and I tried to keep my feets away from them. I found me two wings came out of my shoulders, my hands and legs were there but a long tail also appeared. I had become a big red coloured snake like Dragon. I was not transparent like other snakes there. I could not see my face but tail and wings only. I hated those snakes and flied away in the sky far from Chi Chi and Melody.
23:56 Wednesday 17th May 2017


Eyes are Horizontal, Nose is Vertical 

Wo – I’m leaving.. Going to tell the Truth!
Ta – Have you got that?
Wo – Yes, I have.
Ta – What are you going to teach them?
Wo – ..that Everyone of us is a Buddha, Everyone of us has a Holy Cross, and Eyes are Horizontal & Nose is Vertical.
Ta – The first thing everyone knows, little confused with Atman concept of Vedanta, right? Second one will be misunderstood like you are promoting Christianity, and the third is what everyone knows ‘eyes are horizontal and nose is vertical’ ..nothing is new in the Truth you have found.
Wo – Truth is constant. If you are looking for something new will be new words, or new way of interpretation. All indications are for the same.
Ta – All symbols, words, interpretations, books are indicating towards the Truth you have got?
Wo – Yes.
Ta – ..that ‘eyes are horizontal and nose is vertical?’
Wo – Yes.
Ta – How is it possible?
Wo – Because, ‘water is softest and weakest thing under the sky, and so weaker can defeats the stronger.’
Ta – Weak person can’t defeat stronger taller person than him.
Wo – You could understand what I mean if you had studied Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism.
Ta – You are an Existentialist too, and your Sartre doesn’t talk rubbish. He was no doubt a knowledgeable person. Ok, both of Krishnamurtis also were having better underpinnings that they didn’t talk like this.
Wo – They definitely had better mind than me but they also said what I’m going to teach about.
Ta – ..that ‘eyes are horizontal and nose is vertical?’
Wo – Exactly.
Ta – Eh!
Wo – If everyone knows that, they will understand the Buddha inside them, they will find their Holy Cross too.
22:44 Sunday 9th April 2017

Wolf tricks the Trickster! 

The Shoshoni people saw the Wolf as a creator God and they respected him greatly. Long ago, Wolf, and many other animals, walked and talked like man.

Coyote could talk, too, but the Shoshoni people kept far away from him because he was a Trickster, somebody who is always up to no good and out to double-cross you.

Coyote resented Wolf because he was respected by the Shoshoni. Being a devious Trickster, Coyote decided it was time to teach Wolf a lesson. He would make the Shoshoni people dislike Wolf, and he had the perfect plan. Or so he thought.

One day, Wolf and Coyote were discussing the people of the land. Wolf claimed that if somebody were to die, he could bring them back to life by shooting an arrow under them. Coyote had heard this boast before and decided to put his plan into action.

Wearing his most innocent smile he told Wolf that if he brought everyone back to life, there would soon be no room left on Earth. Once people die, said Coyote, they should remain dead.

If Wolf takes my advice, thought Coyote, then the Shoshoni people would hate Wolf, once and for all.

Wolf was getting tired of Coyote constantly questioning his wisdom and knew he was up to no good, but he didn’t say anything. He just nodded wisely and decided it was time to teach Coyote a lesson.

A few days after their conversation, Coyote came running to Wolf. Coyote’s fur was ruffled and his eyes were wide with panic.

Wolf already knew what was wrong: Coyote’s son had been bitten by Rattlesnake and no animal can survive the snake’s powerful venom.

Coyote pleaded with Wolf to bring his son back to life by shooting an arrow under him, as he claimed he could do.

Wolf reminded Coyote of his own remark that people should remain dead. He was no longer going to bring people back to life, as Coyote had suggested.

The Shoshoni people say that was the day Death came to the land and that, as a punishment for his mischievous ways, Coyote’s son was the first to die.

No one else was ever raised from the dead by Wolf again, and the people came to know sadness when someone dies. Despite Coyote’s efforts, however, the Shoshoni didn’t hate Wolf. Instead, they admired his strength, wisdom and power, and they still do today.
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Hidden Is Revealing! 

First – I requested to ask her if she can teach me Tai Chi 85. She herself asked me on Chinese New Year Eve if I want to learn 85 and I went to Bharat Van public park, opposite Bamandaya Pada bus stop yesterday. There I came to know that all 24, 32, 42 & 48 I know is nothing but just movements and postures. There in Bharat Van I’m learning not just 85 but also nuances of Tai Chi.
Second – I was too tired yesterday before sleep and in night when I was sleeping, I suddenly found my tiredness of gone. It happened in few seconds and I felt that in sleeping, I was aware. I remember, I had a long deep breath. And I was relaxed.
Third – I dreamt that I was gifted with white-coloured wrist watch. I was at wheel chair. I had small problem on thumb in my right leg. I stood up. Wrist watch was so beautiful.
14:03 Monday 30th January 2017

Great People


Most of all great people have some stories behind or before their birth. Buddha, Mahavira, Krishna, Rama, Ji Gong, ..all had some stories behind their birth. I don’t know it were true or people created those stories later just to glorify their lives as divine being. Jiddu rejected to be known as a divine being. He was enlightened, samyak person and we don’t see him much respected in India, same with UG. Osho is hated more than respected.

Well, here I want to share two stories related my birth. It were not created by people but my mother and father used to tell me often. Generally I don’t share with everyone but here I have shared in one of my posts in past and again stories are here.

First, my mother had seen five Buddhist monks in her dream who were standing outside of house. My mother gave them some grains and as their blessings I was there.

Second story is from my father. I was in my mother’s womb and one day my father dreamed about me. He was having his lunch and a boy from nowhere approached to my father. The boy was starting at my father. When my father noticed the boy, he asked what he wants. The boy said ‘I want to share your food on your plate, do you allow me?’ My father said ‘Come’. Next day my father told to my mother the baby would be a boy, that’s me. Maybe this is why I was the my father used to love me more than other children he did.

Maybe these stories are fake or my parents would tell me just for entertainment, I don’t know. If it was real, they had seen me before my birth, in their dream, I don’t claim it was me, I don’t remember it was me. Even I don’t believe in such sorts of stories about Buddha Mahavira Krishna etc. In ‘Rockstar’ protagonist thinks if every great person had great sorrow or pain in their lives, he would also need to feel the pain, but he was not born in poverty, his parents were alive, how would he became a great artist? My father used to tell me that all great people had sufferings of poverty, but later I came to know he was wrong. Great person can be anyone no matter born in which financial status of family.

I don’t know what makes one great. Here ‘great’ word indicates to ‘people (were/are/will be) with great intelligence, wisdom, fame, money, power, charismatic attracting personality, excessive successful ones’.

I was born in 11th of Krishna Paksh in Chaitra month, during Shatabhisha Nakshatra’s 4th part in 1982. It’s said, people born on 11th of Krishna Paksha are fool, having no mind. Kalidasa (the great poet) was born on 11th of Krishna Paksha. If he was not insulated by his wife, he wouldn’t become a great poet, people say. All great persons in past and present are not cursed to be insulated, and all people who are insulated many times in their lives do not become great ones.

I’m lost.

Animal Within Me!


I’m not what I say about me. I’m not what I think to be. I’m also not what I was in past.
I’m what I do in given situation.

The instinct I have inside me, I recognize it as an animal. Everybody has an or more animals inside them but rarely one recognizes it.

This instinct is not genetic, not heretic, not even created by self. Its what one is in the deepest core of him in his mind. Nehal Pandya was a handicapped girl, unable to walk, but when there was earthquake in Bhuj, she ran towards the door leaving her wheelchair behind. That’s her instinct she had but was hidden till the earthquake of Bhuj. People may call it ‘By God’s Grace’ or ‘Miracle’ for Nehal but isn’t it her own hidden power that refused to be seated on wheelchair when the earthquake happened?

I may say ‘I will fight for you’ but when time comes I don’t stand for you, it means my words were just what I wanted to be. ‘Willing to be’ and ‘want to be’ – both are not what ‘I am’. Same with ‘I was’ that is past. Sometimes words seem fake, and that’s not lie.

Instinct is what man does without thinking, without planning, but when the time comes. Instinct makes one do what is in his nature. Two people born and raised in same environment behave different on same given situation. If they are attacked in same way same time, they will use different method to save themselves.

Someone asked to J. Krishnamurti what he should do when he is attacked, Jiddu replied that it’s not matter what one should or not do, one does how his character has been constructed for. Hui said ‘I would run’, one of my friend in school said ‘I would fight’, but that is all their thought not the truth. Truth reveals itself when the time comes.

What I would do if I will have no home, I think sometimes. I make plans for being a monk or do add jobs to earn money, etc. but who knows what I will do ? Maybe I would go die starving (Sallekhana). We can’t judge someone for his doings in particular situation. One does what his instinct makes him do. A girl was raped and his boyfriend was asked why didn’t he save the girl. Asaram a fake godman said if the girl would have imagined those rapists as her brother, she wouldn’t have been raped.

One’s character is his act not words. And thus we don’t know about ourselves too. We can not guess other’s doing for given circumstances. Tomato & Egg become oppsit after getting boiled. Same with people. Given circumstances are same for all but someone raised himself while someone gives up, surrenders.

I can’t say what makes one stronger than others. I even can’t say who proves himself stronger then other and in which situation. ‘Panther’ was our pet bitch when I was kid. Some kids of our area made her fighting with neighbour’s dog which was a little bigger than our Panther. Initially she was reluctant and a bit afraid for fighting but later after few minuts when she found the kids wouldn’t allow her to flee from the fight, she fought strongly and beat that dog. At the end, Panther was winner of the fight.

Panther was physically weaker and smaller than the dog but it was her instinct that made her winner. What animal was inside Panther that time? Was that animal who made Nehal running to escape from earthquake? ‘Animal’ is not proper word for that instinct. It was the instinct that made Siddharth an enlightened Buddha otherwise he could be a great emperor also.

Mystery continues and unfolds itself when the time comes. Till then are strangers to ourselves.

Me too, Believe In MAGIC!


I do believe in Magic!
I believe it may happen with me. It’s just disappearance of causations in the chain and still the required result is there. People call it a magic but I see it as a science with some lost causes. It’s not having faith on something blindly. It’s not praying for any materialistic advantages or worshipping of any deity for boons.

I was dying for a great work after leaving writing last year in April – May and I got Sharon Plywood’s Ad shoot in July. It was a magic. It’s not any mystic or hidden reason but it was what I needed much for that time. A theist would call it grace of god or his deity. When I want something from the core of my heart and it comes true, that is magic. If I get or achieve something godd which is more than expected, that is a magic.

The old ugly lady with pointed nose is for kids in their story books. She also doesn’t exist. People burn to kill old ladies in villages blaming them witches are not only superstitious but also cruel criminals. People, who don’t allow widows in marriage ceremonies to decorate bridegrooms, they are superstitious. A superstitious man can not understand magic and the science behind it. Superstitious man would surprise to see results without cause & actions. I switch on the button and see the fan starts working, it’s a magic for me because I don’t know all process and technical things behind it. I surprise to see magic of science in my daily life.

I’m waiting for magic to happen. I make my effort to pave path for magic. I do what I can do for it. First, I believe in magic. I believe sometimes we can not understand or see the the process and still the result is there. If the result is required then it’s good otherwise we have to accept it as our luck. Theists may see that failure as curse of god. Na, I’m not laughing at anyone. Everyone has right to have their faith.

This magic should happen before losing anthousiasm for required thing. People keep praying for something for years and they get their result too late. Justice and magic should be out there on time.

If you forget 14 struggling years of a short heighted dusky looking man, and you see him now as a celebrity, that is magic. Ok, ‘miracle’ could be appropriate word instead of ‘magic’ in previous sentence. No problem. Suddenly a boy emerges from slums and world recognizes him an actor. It is magic. Purn Singh ji must have meant the same by his ‘Daivy Ilham’ on them. I doubt, do these people know they are planned by nature or god? Why circumstances comes in their favour! Sardar Sahab was wise and enlightened one.

Lets see when, how and what magic to be happen with me.

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