Balance, To Make Even

When you touch metals, you feel, your getting lighter, energy flows towards the body part in contact with metallic stuff.

If it’s wooden stuff, feeling is neutral.

If it’s woollen, or cotton, feeling is same as with wood.
Sensitivity depends on sincerity.

One can feel the touch, but not the flow.

Anything which comes in contact with other, does exchange something – either it’s energy or temperature, or something, – to keep balance.
Nature promotes balance.

Equality is final goal of all movements.

So the wind moves and we see in its extreme as typhoons. In ocean, there are so many rivers, we call them streams, wandering here to there, finding their appropriate place.
Balance, fulfilment, to make equal, is Tao!

To help in it, to support it, is being on the way.

The Way Is Great!
01:47 a.m. Monday 19th June 2017

Be an Observer not a Thinker! 

It is the same way he was on yesterday but he is not the same person. He was a normal person yesterday, ignorant of his own thoughts and emotions. Now, he is aware! And when he reached on her doorstep, he was thoughtless but awakened. Buddha said – ‘See inside and don’t do anything. Remember! Each thought must be under your observation. No thought may pass without your permission. Just remember that.’
He stepped on her doorsteps. He was able to see his own breathings. He could see all movements of his hands, legs, everything. He was having lunch and feeling it was someone else he was feeding to.
When you become an observer, you will be in duality. This duality is not an illusion or hallucination. It is the last step of detachment. You will see yourself acting speaking doing all things and you are also another person at the same time. Doer and Observer! Both are different but same as well.
He had finished his food but it was someone else who was having food and he was just an observer. They say – ‘You are the observer not the doer.’
He was shocked. He came back to Buddha with divine happiness in his heart.
If you are aware then there is no thought. If you see inside yourself as an observer, you may have emotions but no thoughts. Thoughts are secondary, emotions are primary result. The time, when you are free from thoughts but awakened about emotions and aware about breathing, movements, ..You will clearly see Doer and Observer are different.
‘That is the Sutra’ Buddha says, ‘one who is fine to see this, is able to be a Bodhisattwa!’

BE an Observer of Thoughts not Thinker!!
(Tried to summarize a Whatsapp post in my words!)
21:58 Monday 8th May 2017

Become Aware Of Yourself!

Young Monk – Sorry! I’m not supposed to go to the same house I have visited today.
Buddha – Why? What happened??
Young Monk – All the way I have been missing my favourite dishes this morning. As I reached there, the young lady had cooked the same dishes for me. I was surprised but I thought it may be just coincidence. When I was having food, I had been missing my home where I used to be asked to take rest after lunch. I was shocked again when the lady requested me to take rest after finishing my lunch. I thought it also nothing but just a coincidence. I finished my plate and went to take a nap then I was missing again my home, where I used to sleep in expensive comfortable bed while there, at the house, I was lied down on someone else’s normal mat. Suddenly then the lady appears from behind and said – “Brother! This mat is neither of you nor me.” I was horrified now. It was not just coincidence. I asked the lady – “How do you know what is inside my mind? How is it possible?” The lady replied – “Practice / Meditation has brought me emptiness and now all thoughts & emotions are visible to me.” I was too horrified. I ran back to here and ..I don’t want to visit yhe house again.
Buddha – But why? The reason seems not enough.
Young Monk – ..because, to say.. I’m sorry.. Please don’t ask me to visit there tomorrow.
Buddha – No No. Tell me why don’t you want to go there?
Young Monk – ..because the lady was so beautiful and I had some bad thoughts about her. She must have read that too. How can I face her again? How can I ask  for Bheeksha on her door?
Buddha – You must go there again, better if tomorrow. It’s part of your cultivation. It will help you to be an observer of your thoughts, emotions and behaviour. You will become aware of yourself. 
21:11 Monday 8th May 2017

Fokat Mein!

Cold surface of this table makes me to feel it has no life!
I came here around two hours ago with no purpose. Thought to spend few minutes in AC and leave to visit production houses after filling drinking water in my bottle. Found no audition updates for today match to my look.
Half of the day has already been passed.
It doesn’t mean I have nothing to do. I have a book to translate, I have some monologues to write down on notebook, rituals to mug up, to revise lessons for Chinese language.. so many things I have to utilize this time rather than just been passed.
And I’m typing this, experiencing coldness of the surface of this table.

It’s dead and I’m not dead but we are alike.
14:31 Wednesday 29th March 2017

Sad Causation Theory 

​Causation Theory :-
I’m sad.

There must be one or more reasons.

That must be a result came out because of cause/s.
I’m sad.

It produces one or more results.

That will generate one or more results.

The feeling of sadness itself is both – cause for one or more results and result came through one or more causes.
Sadness is producing what ?

More sadness?



Observation is helpful for what?

It helps to see – ok I have feeling of sadness.


Stay sad?


And? How to be happy?

No need to be happy. Emotions are not same always. I’m sad this time, I don’t know I will be angry; irritated; afraid.. or what.

Then why to observe?

To be aware! To be knowing.

What is use of that?

No use more than this.

Then is it not good to stay ignorant and Happy?

Being aware of ignorance, itself is an achievement.

What is use of this achievement? 

It has no worldly use in physical world.
Why are you sad?

Because I have the feeling.

Feeling makes one happy sad etc.?

If one is occupied by the feeling.

How to stay away from feelings then?

To know them and you will be free!

Do you see the feeling?

Yes I can see.

Are you sad?

Yes I am.

Why so?

Because I am still attached with outer world.
12:55 Wednesday 25th January 2017

Emptiness Is Needed Not Space. 

Want to have a big house, mansion, bungalow, haweli, palace, castle…?
— because you want to show your friends how rich you are?
Maybe Yes.

Maybe Not.
Some of us want to have bigger residence just to show off but later, it’s normal to them and showing off becomes normal for them.
Some of us needs big residence because they need for their joint-family.
Most of us want big bigger house like palace and with large garden around it, but they don’t know why they actually want it.
Because we are looking for peace, love, so we seek for emptiness, inside ond outside too. In houses, we want empty place. More bigger room may have more empty place. If it’s garage or godown, we don’t see emptiness. If the hall is crowded with so many people, we still find personal place where we can be with loved ones or alone, or we soon get bored with crowd and go out for fresh air. This going out for fresh air is also looking for emptiness -outside of the hall, in garden, in lawn, etc.
If matter would be just for shelter, or to showoff, we would not need bigger houses but small houses with expensive decorations.
I live here in small room, I’m also in search for my personal space, emptiness, stillness, but I don’t have a big house – I don’t seem to buy even a single flat in my life because of poor earning.

— so I sometimes go to garden, I keep silence to be with myself, to see my emptiness. 
I wish to have a single room with 

One door,

One window with a table-chair and a table-lamp,

Single bed with normal sheet,

One small library,

Laptop with internet access,

Kitchen, toilet outside but closed to room,

One normal mobile phone,

2-3 chairs for guests,

One water pot, gilass, mug.
Personal stuffs :-

Kurta pajama or shirt pants pairs – 4

Footwear pairs – 2

Notebook, pen, books, glasses if needed.
In this Aparigriha, I’m looking for my emptiness : far from worldly things.
Emptiness is not idea for Chinese people, it’s not for just saint and sages only – it’s what we actually need in our daily life – we need emptiness where we can feel ourselves an empty – to release our mind and body.
I know where my emptiness and stillness are and how can I get it.

I know that happiness is not depending on money, house, clothing, car, and worldly affairs.

I know money is very important for living in human society.

I know technology can help me to solve my worldly problems.

I know, science can help me to understand the nature, systems, me, you and I believe it can be helpful to understand everything by time.

I know, there is still something rest, a quest, a thirst, a hunger – and I have found The Way to answer, to fulfil thirst, to feed myself.

I didn’t need god or other imaginary person for that.

I have found The Way (The Method)
And so I keep my emptiness with me

To be at peace, with happiness and love.
21:39 Saturday, 17th of September 2016.