They Will Remain UnHappy!

If one is unhappy and depressed with his life, then he searches for internal, individual, personal happiness. This happiness can be so called spiritual mental peace otherwise in most of cases, the person is centralized with himself, his family, wife, children. His personal problems like illness, joblessness, are enough to make him worried and unhappy, disturbed. He has no higher goals in his life. He spends life to fulfil formalities for survival. All his efforts are either for himself or his family or relatives. Rest of world, he thinks, is cruel, unsafe, dangerous place with enemies.
I see people, who misbehave with others wearing cheap clothes, they hate poor looking people, they talk not respectful with countryside people. They, who are literate, English speaking, rich people, are uncivilized and uneducated. 
I see people around me – tall, with string muscles, but they are slaves. They are dizzying, sad, bored, looking for excitement in outer entertainment. They smell bad and to hide it they sprinkle sprays, deodorants, perfumes on their body and clothes. I do not hate them. I wonder to see how they live with superficial emotional expressions. They seem satisfied with their lifestyle. They have learned how to live like that. Their strongest desire is to be living. If they are living, they satisfy their ego, physical desires, tongue, and they just want anyhow not to die. It never been so difficult for me to tolerate such people and conditions of society. Now I’m fed up of all these. Everything has become irritating for me. I’m more sensitive for all these. I was taught to be the same person everyone are but now I’m changed. I’m unfit to this society and likeminded people are few.
23:41 Wednesday 24th May 2017

22nd May 2017

It was my first time I was in Gujrat, Valsad yesterday. I had a lot time to think and study but I had just passed whole day sitting on chair under a tree. Initially I revised Fotang rituals in my mind and later I had been sitting and walking on same place. I went to washroom twice  and did not visit the program venue for a minute. My outer appearance was not good. I was also feeling hesitant to talk to other workers of kitchen. They offered me breakfast contained with onions that I could not refuse. Later they asked me to have lunch but I ate around 4 p.m. only puri and chatni and dinner after 10 p.m., puri with carrots and cucumber to maintain pure vegetarian. It was also a test if I could practice pure vegetarianism and I got 80%. Whole day and till 11 p.m. night I was sitting on chair under the tree. I didn’t make new friends who can help or remember me in future. I didn’t socialize with them.

As a Walky-Talky attendant it was my first time to do this work. Workers were already experienced and knowing about Walky-Talky. The caterers’ boss used to use nice words for ladies like ‘Ben, Behan, Pativrata.’ His son and daughter-in-law also helped him. He and his son, both smoke but son doesn’t smoke in front of father. Father also knows that but the good thing is, father doesn’t make his son ashamed and feeling guilty for smoking. The boss was really having good understanding. He had an eye on everyone who had done food or not. 
I had much to talk yesterday but now cannot remember. I did not write yesterday because I had to save mobile battery. I want to sleep today though no updates for auditions are on Whatsapp groups.
12:36 p.m. Monday 22nd May 2017

Helping Is Possible On Same Level. 

You cannot help them until their minds are ready to get your help.

You cannot ask them – ‘May I help you?’

You will be ignored.

If they need your help but are hesitant, will not ask you to help them.

You know they are hesitant but they need your help, you can’t go ahead to help them.

They’re hesitant but they need your help, you ask ‘May I help you?’ Their ego may get hurt.
Helping is between two or more people on equal level of understanding. A master and disciple are on same level of understanding only then they can exchange and communicate successfully. Master is no one but an having more experience and practice than disciple.
No-one is upper or lower, senior or junior. We all are same. Our mind in third level is almost blind and caged inside own boundaries. They cannot listen you properly if you are trying to solve their problem. Mind is not ready to allow your words to reach it.
Most of us are living like this.

We need help.

We cannot ask for help.

We can help.

We do not help.

We get hurt if one asks to help.

We wait for them to ask for help.

We keep ourselves on different levels.

– If they need help, they should ask for help.

– I can help, but why do I?

– I’m able to help means I’m higher.

– If I ask for help, I will be considered lower.

– ..
Still, you can’t help.

You are asked – ‘How to download this song?’

You know, but to clarify the question you ask – ‘Video or Audio?’

Your clarifying question is ignored and you see them suffering but you cannot help them. You could have help them and song would be downloaded within a minute but you see them suffering and still you cannot help.

— different levels of minds.
22:30 Friday 19th May 2017

Blaming On Imaginary Cause!

Friend – Someone cheated me!
Amit – ….Ok
Friend – He sold me car with old and damaged engine. I had to borrow money from my father, brother in law and some money I had already.
Amit – …
Friend – I neither drink nor smoke. You know. 
Amit – Yep!
Amit – I just love to have cars, expensive clothes, bikes, …I was not hesitant to ask for money to my father and brother in law. They also trusted me.
Amit – Hmm!
Friend – One day I went for a long drive with my family, my wife and my one year old child. Suddenly I found some problem in car. It was stopped suddenly, far away from city. I had to call a mechanic to repair the car, and then I came to know that the engine had been opened before, and I was cheated by seller.
Amit – Ok
Friend – Finally I managed to back to home and got the car checked to some other mechanics of my city. This incident got me learned much about cars and engines.
Amit – Oh!
Friend – Then I sold the car to someone with some profit. Maybe the God wanted me to learn some lessons. Person bought the car calls me and says that I have cheated him.
Amit – Why are you blaming someone, that imaginary, who had no involvement in your personal matter?
Friend – ??? …Who?
Amit – The God, you said.
Friend – ?? ..ah ok, well, Now what I think is, to I set up business of second-hand cars. I think, I have got enough knowledge and experience with incident.
Amit – You could have stopped it on your side.
Friend – ???
Amit – ..But ok, people are like this.
Friend – Haan. It was a teaching for me, and I think, can do the business well.
20:18 Sunday 30th April 2017

Sheep’s Opinions About Wolf!

People are sad to think about others,

‘Why did/do they say about me that?’
Answer is – ‘It’s because of their limited understanding, conditioned mind, narrow mindedness. So they cannot analyse properly all the things, and thus you see them saying wrong about you.’
Answer seems simple but it’s not applicable for many people.
If someone says wrong about me, I examin first –

Is that good for me?

Is that bad for me?
Someone says – ‘Shekhar is a fine Actor!’

Maybe it’s wrong but good for me.

Someone says – ‘Shekhar is worst Actor!’

Maybe it’s true but not good for me.
Someone says what is all because of his mind, his circumstances, his thinking, his mood, his intention, etc. It doesn’t change me. If I’m stupid, great marks on my university certificates can’t change me. Same way, if I’m good, someone’s wrong word/action cannot change me.

Still, this is one of reasons for sadness that is suffering.
I, need to examine.

What people are saying about me is right, or wrong?

What they are thinking about me, and how is my image in their minds – I cannot know. What I know is just assumption what others are thinking about me.

So, in that case, even my mind gets stuck with opinions which are not based on facts.
If, people are saying about me is right, if I really have something to be fixed in, I must do it. And I must be thankful to to people for letting me know what is wrong in me. If they are wrong, then it’s ok. I must not be worried about their opinions. Now, after centuries, we came to know that Aurangzeb, Mohd Bin Tughlaque, were great and nice emperors. People are free to speak, it’s their right and they should use it.

20:53 Saturday 15th April 2017

People Know Everything! 

​People know everything!

They know if I’m hungry. They ask me to have food. If I’m weaker than other days, they know my energy is low.
People are smarter than me!

I can not cheat them.

If I try to speak lie, I’m caught.
People are not easy to win!

They sometimes play with me.

They allow me to feel proud and suddenly they make me look down.
People are experienced!

I’m new. Each situation is new to me and I see people already there are more experienced than me.
People pretend to be unaware!

They show me as they know nothing.

But actually they have enough ideas.
People are players & gamers!

They know how to involve me in their games, for their use, for their entertainment.

I’m nothing before them.
People are creator and makers!

Politicians, Actors, and everyone must keep happy to them.

They have created big names and celebrities.
I was asked – ‘why is your energy too low? Haven’t you had your breakfast?’

Me – ‘I have done my lunch.’

They – ‘Then why do you seem with low energy?’
22:23 Thursday 7th March 2017

Rich Servants! 

​Who are they?
They are servants!
What kind of servants are they? They seems rich, getting attention in media, celebrating luxurious life and enjoying power. They behave like rulars. If they are servants, they must be treated like servants. By the way, whose servants are they?
They are servants of public.
How? I mean, how the public can have such rich servants?
..because, the public have elected them to represent them in parliament.
Oh wow! So the public must be richer than their servants, right?
No! Public is poorer! Servants behave like rulars after elections. They treat the public as their people. They want public to obey rules but they don’t follow rules. These servants are actually New Kind Of Rulers in Democracy!
What is ..Democracy?
23:02 Tuesday 28th February 2017