Dhamma : Pragya And Karuna

Dhamma is neither a Religion nor Dharma! Dharma, a Sanskrit word has three different concepts :

Duty or moral responsibility – it’s dharma of a son to take care of his old parents

Religion in western – to perform rituals and follow rules to get moksha after death

Nature of something / someone – it’s dharma of water to flow and settle down at low
But ‘Dhamma’ is different. Unlike Brahminism, Islam, Christianity, Dhamma means Law Of Nature! It’s Tao! Here you can’t see conflict between religions or their holy books. Here you need no priests to perform rituals but a cultivator friend with a little more experience who guides you to The Path of Buddhas. No matter that your friend is normal person living simple life, he maynot be an angel, he is not a Bodhisattva but his cultivation is enough to lead one towards The Holy Path of Nature. Buddha says, ‘Dhamma is appropriate and right way to follow your life in its natural way. Ignoring or brushing aside the Law Of Nature causes suffering. It’s not any God or imaginary person there to punish or reward you for your wrongdoing or right doings. This is fundamental, simple and easy for one to understand and follow.
I breath naturally, and I feel a kind of completeness, happiness and peace within myself. If I’m involved in thoughts or under control by my emotions, I cannot breathe normally. And so I feel sufferings. Breathing natural is an example of that Great Path, concentrating on inhale and exhale is another exercise some people do but that is escape from knowing.
Buddha says, there are two main pillars of the Dhamma :

– Pragya/Pradnya

– Karuna
Pragya is a state of mind which is completely stilled emptiness. It’s free from any comparison, duality, right or wrong, good or evil (Nirmal Buddhi). He didn’t left any point that could mislead the traveller, so he accepted Pragya as one of two pillars of Dhamma,

..and Karuna is combined practice of Metta/Love, Kindness, Peace, without getting attached with. Without Karuna, a healthy society cannot survive.
12:15 p.m. Tuesday 6th June 2015


Dhamma : Not a Religion

Buddha says – Do not waste time and energy to search for Ishwar or Brahma. There is nobody to come from the sky and help you.
You cannot go against Ishwar in religion. You cannot disdain holy books. If you use your intellect which goes against religious books, you are criticized. Dhamma teaches you to think, doubt, go against it to examine, and believe only if you find something is right.
Religion teaches to have Faith in someone imaginary who comes to help you when it’s needed. Dhamma teaches Atta Deep Bhava – become your light yourself.
Buddha says – I do not give you Nirvana, Moksha, Salvation, Freedom from suffering. I just show you the way. Dhamma is a humanitarian way to live a peaceful life.
Many of us, who believe that Dhamma and Religion are the same, need to analyse carefully. Religion has to be accepted, to get into it, with rituals, while Dhamma educates one to to find or create his own way. Religion believes in many illogical existences like ghosts, satan, ishwar, soul, atma, rooh, deities, while Dhamma is logical and based on science. Dhamma promotes scientific analytical way to think, doubt and examine before believe in something.
Religion teaches social inequality, discriminations, while in Dhamma, everyone is equal. Dhamma is the education, knowledge which is available to everyone. You find something imaginary person in religion or someone who unsuccessfully tries to prove himself as a representative of that imaginary one, but there is nobody who claims to be doot or only representative of someone imaginary. In Dhamma you see a series of enlightened people who never claim to be Ishwar, or his representatives. They all were human being with great and purr wisdom.
Buddha says :- ‘Buddha’ is the state of highest and purest consciousness when you are balanced, in eternal peace, love and happiness, beyond of all fear and sufferings. They who reach on that level but rejects to achieve Nirvana for people, are Bodhisattwas. Dr. Ambedkar also is considered a Bodhisattwa in that sense He was an Angel who showed a better way to people of India.
Religion is irresistible while in Dhamma you are totally free. Dhamma never forces you to do or not do, believe or not believe in something. Everyone is free to use his intellect with Prabuddha Way.
23:12 Wednesday 17th May 2017

Leave it, if Not Suitable!

​If one thinks any religion or sect is not good for him, he can leave that religion or that sect. No faith can be imposed on anyone by force!
A budding singer girl has been issued religious orders by some 46 religious gurus in Assam. T.v. news channels have got a new issue to arrange debates. Politicians and media are with girl against religious gurus.
Why the religious orders have been issued for her?

— Because she belongs to that religion. She can leave the religion and no religious rules of that religion will be applicable on her.
My forefathers found Hinduism is not good for them. They got to know that their religion has been failed to provide them self-respect, equal social-political-economical rights, they left Hinduism. Buddhism was their first choice and no doubt, Ambedkar showed the right way to all Neo-Buddhists of India. People left their old religion which they found themselves not suitable in.

This is the solution.
No need to reform religions. Leave it,

partially or completely.
If some parts of ritual, Philosophy, teachings are not good for one can be dropped or one should leave it completely if he finds it not good for him.
Why to be attached and getting humiliated by particular religion?

No no.
Religion is different and outer thing. Rituals are almost useless if understanding is developed enough.
Spiritual Faith is totally individual matter and no other people, person, religious gurus have right to make people follow their rules.
One can have none or many Faiths on same time. It’s completely depends on self, an individual one. It would be good if spiritual faiths are kept hidden, rituals wouldn’t be disclosed in public.
I wish, everyone could learn all faiths and understand their uselessness!
22:31 Wednesday 15th March 2017

बाहर भीतर के विश्वास !

​अगर धार्मिक श्रद्धा, कर्मकांड, देवी-देवताओं पर आस्था, आध्यात्मिक विश्वास, अंधविश्वास, टोने-टोटके, पूजा-पाठ, राजनैतिक विचारधारा, का जीवन में अनुकरण संभव नहीं है तो वे बेकार है ।
अगर अनुकरण संभव तो है मगर अप्लाई नहीं कर पा रहे हैं, तो सिर्फ किताबी बात है, बातचीत का विषय है, टाइम पास है ।
अनुकरण और अप्लाई कर पा रहे हैं लेकिन मज़ा नहीं आ रहा हो, दिमाग असंतुष्ट हो, खिन्नता हो, भीतर और बाहर का जीवन असंतुलित हो, — तो,
या तो सिद्धांतों, विश्वासों, विचारों के निष्कर्षों में गड़बड़ है
या वे सिद्धांत, विश्वास, विचारों के निष्कर्ष असल मूल नहीं हैं,
या किसी और के लिए होगे ।
मुझे ताईची में मज़ा आता है ।

चार आर्य सत्य एप्लीकेबल और दृष्टांत है; साक्षात हैं ।

बाबा साहब, जय भीम ।

सार्त्र की बात कि ‘होना, होने के विचार से पहले और महत्वपूर्ण है’ गजब है ।
और ये जो ‘तीन ख़ज़ाने’ मेरे हाथ लगे हैं, यह बड़ी उपलब्धि है – क्योंकि,

मैं उतना बड़ा वैसा साधक नहीं था जो पका-पकाया मिल गया ।

उसके पहले सिर्फ़ अनुमान – अंदाज़ा था, मुहर एक साल पहले 13 मार्च को लगी ।
बाबूजी सुबह उठकर बिस्तर पर ही बैठे बैठे श्वांस को देखा करते थे । उनमें पाॅवर भी था । उनका बनाया पानी काम करता था । काशीराम की पान की दुकान नहीं चल रही थी, पानी मारे तो छटपटाता था काशीराम । बाबूजी नौ साल जल्दी मर गए । उन्हें अभी ज़िंदा रहना था । मैं बहुत सी बातें जो अब जान पाया हूं, उन्हें बता पाता ।
बाबूजी का आंबेडकरी बौद्ध धर्म, नवयान सही था उनके लिए । मैंने सार्त्र, ताईची और ताओ को एड कर लिया । मैं भी भीतर से संतुष्ट हूं, बाहर की समस्याएँ थोथी नैतिकता के कारण खुदबुदबुदा रही हैं ।
अभी मैं नैतिकता उतार फेंकू तो दुनिया दिगम्बर हो जाएगी ।
21:37 Wednesday 8th March 2017

“How We Think or Want” is True,  not “What We Think or Want” !!

​Omg! You are still unmarried?
It’s not so shocking, I think.
Ok, but when are you going to get married?
Why are you so worried about me?
Just asking..
Well, it depends on me and my circumstances. And nobody has to be worried about it. My sexual life, my religious & spiritual faith, my political ideologies are my personal matter. If anyone or anything from outside comes to know it and I’m reluctant, then I can be violent and I will have no repentance for that.
I think it’s not so personal. Everyone shows their spiritual or religious faith in public.
I think different then. Simple!
What’s problem to talk about ..these your personal matters?
It’s an encroachment in my personal life! We can talk about other things like, how same words have different meanings, how jataka tales have not been so popular etc.
What’s use of that.. of talking about these things?
Maybe no use. But if you want to talk to me, please don’t entrench into my very individual matters.
Then communication is impossible with you.
We are communicating already, you see? We are sharing our views and this is how we may know each other. It’s good.
Ok I came to know what you think over something, you now know about my thinking.. then what?
It’s useless to know what someone is saying. Important is to know how one is thinking. This is how you may know who is who. Our words are fake. Our words are not true most of the time. Words are sometimes about “what we think or want” and then also it’s not true. “How we think or want” is real. Most of Hindus want Muslims get out if India but their words don’t express their real feelings. They have to tolerate Muslims in India and so their words come out showing religious harmony. If the harmony would be real, there would be No Caste System in India.
12:45 pm Monday 6th March 2017

Unnatural & Unnecessary, Unimportant 

​>> They say your life will become better.. I also think so. …Arey! Why are you laughing?? I swear I don’t have any personal benefit from your marriage. Ok.. If they find any girl for you.. then.. And you don’t worry.. You are like my elder brother.
>> Oh no no.. Tell them not to think about my marriage. Marriage seems a problem to me.
>> You don’t want to get married?
>> Marriage seems unnatural and unimportant, useless tradition to me.
>> Ok
>> Well, I don’t force on people to agree with me or follow me.. but I prefer Commune System rather than Marriages.
>> Commune means ??
>> Commune is kind of a small camp where everyone, men women children live together according to their age. Children are responsibility of the commune and not of parents. Men women are free to be with anyone they like or having affection. Marriage is not necessary. Children don’t know about their parents so there is no caste, no family pride. Each person has individual identity and recognition. These communes are like Society Camps.
>> How to know more about these Communes? Is there any commune in India?
>> Osho Communes are similar concept. I know some friends in New Delhi lives in commune but they are hard-core Marxists & Bhagat Singh Followers. They don’t believe in Casteism.
>> Ok it’s good but people everywhere now don’t believe in Casteism…
>> ..still they search bride or groom, they try to find in same Caste! They ask the Caste! I bet if they will find bride for me, their options would be —

1. Within Caste

2. So called Ambedkarites

3. Minds contaminated with Hindu Mythology
>> ..
>> You have sent me my computerized birth-chart. Did you see it was Mangali? How could you say my life will be better after marriage? What if my life goes worse then? I’m not to do any lifelong contract with anyone.
>> Contract??
>> Marriage is a contract! In marriage, couple makes a contract to live together, they take oaths, they seek approval from society and legalization by religion. Now couple do not need to perform Religious Rituals and seeking approval from society is also unnecessary. It’s good if based on mutual understanding but for this the couple can be together forever in Live-In relationship. Marriage is absolutely not necessary and parents must not interfere in their children’s decisions.
>> Ok
>> Hope I have made myself clear.
>> They haven’t got the answer.
>> It was not questionnaire!
21:52 Saturday 11th February 2017

21st January 2017

​I was told,

Democracy is to cast your vote!

And I said OK.

But now I came to know – 

Actually in democracy,

Everyone is treated equally,

Everyone has equal rights.
I never tried to know

Why only my religion is the best not others!

I never asked,

Why the religion I was born in,

is better than others’.
I was said,

Poor people are poor

Because they are lazy!

I never asked

How these hardworking farmers and labourers are poor in spite of their hard work?

How is it possible for some people to enjoy luxurious life without doing hardwork?
I was given education so that I may get a  good salary.

I didn’t ask them

For education make me an intellectual progressive modern man 

Who can bring the society a bright future.
Why does every student study just to get a good job?

Now I came to know –

My education was a conspiracy.

They wanted me to be a ‘Well-Paid-Slave’ with Zero Resistance power.
We have enough food, water, lands, clothes for all

But their religion, their politics, their education 

Are to make people their slaves!

And so the world is divided into nations, religions, ethnic-linguistic groups..
I dared not ask them, but

I’m not blind anymore!

I’m a Freeman now!

I dared not ask them

But I want now to stop the slavery!
I wish, 

When my last breath will be taken

I would leave a better world 

For my nephews and nieces.
(It was 3rd birthday of my nephew and I didn’t bring him any gift)