No Empty Hands!

​Dhamma is always with me.
It was with me before I came here. It was with me when I was born. It is still with me and it will be with me even when I am leaving.
They say –

‘You came here empty hands and you will go with empty hands’

Is true for them who see the Results.

The True and more important is

the Cause, the Source of Results.
They, who know the Way, know,

Dhamma is always there.
I was in Dhamma before I came here. I was in Dhamma when I was born. I remain in Dhamma and Dhamma will be there with me even when I am leaving to Dhamma.
I Know The Way 🙂
04:31 am Saturday 1st July 2017

My Master!

I really feel, I’m far better than all those who are governed and moved by their emotions and thoughts, ..and I have got this after Knowing The Master.

Maybe, TaiChi also has some role in it.


Master is neither good nor bad, neither wise nor stupid, it’s my reflection.


When the Cherokee told the story of two wolves fighting inside, grandchild was curious to know about winning wolf. Grandfather preached The Master.


Angel and Satan sitting on shoulders maybe story for children. Master is always there.


No-one I see without Master.


I know, I Have Got The Way!


They may say, they brought me to the Master. Of course, without them I would not be introduced to The Master, but it was The Master itself who got me them too. I’m thankful to friends.


Master is not outside but always inside me. What I see outside is reflection of my Master.


19:28 Tuesday 6th June 2017

29th April 2017

I feel,

I’m in much better condition than others.

I’m happier than people who are very much attached with face, society has given them.
Formless, Nameless, Soundless Light is cause of all what we see, touch, listen.. and everything is nothing but result. Result of inaudible, unseen cause. Of course it’s not god-ahriman-allah-brahma-tengri etc. If I say it’s Supreme Ultimate, that would also will be a lie. I feel, my ‘Initiation’ was just symbolic but I had a long journey and some experiences, and I still have the way to travel. I’m now more firm, walking, I’m still on the way.
Ta – Where are you from?
Wo – (After two second pause) From earth planet.
Ta – That’s we are also from (Made fun) I asked…. [you, which region or city you are from?]
Wo – (Overlapping) I didn’t ask where you are from.
Ta – (After a pause, looking at me) …
“Eyes Are Horizontal, Nose Is Vertical”

— this is the way of life I’m living nowadays!
23:17 Saturday 29th April 2017

Earthian, Patriotic & Nationalist!

​Patriotism can never be a solution but another difficulty for any Nation facing problems on social traditionals religious financial and linguistic issues.
Ok, it’s obvious to have emotional feelings for the land we belong to but this land can be the mohalla, or village, or tehsil or district.. commissionery, state, region, nation, subcontinent continent, the globe too! This is patriotism! To die for your land, to have emotional touch. It is helpful for people to get the land out of problems but if this emotion is politically misused to achieve power, it is big trouble for all – people, region, nation.. Patriotism and Nationalism too are dividing forces like racism, casteism, for peaceful global humanity. 
Nationalism and Patriotism both have limits but Nationalism is bigger and broader concept than Patriotism. Bhagat Singh, Bhim Rao Ambedkar, Manavendranath Roy.. these kind of people were not just patriotic, they had broader visions and they sacrificed their lives for justice, equality, peace. I don’t think Jiddu, UG, Osho, Ramana can be limited within Patriotism and Nationalism.
Patriotism is a feeling not thought. It’s not concept in that sense. It can be provoked, stimulated, used, misused for personal or particular benefits. It’s not universal value like Truth, Humanity, Equality, Justice, Peace. Patriotism is always harmful for Nationalism.
Few people in India are claiming to be Patriotic and Nationalist, both but the facts prove them wrong. These Fake Nationalists can be noticed easily spreading rumours and provoking Patriotism behind any issue which can bring them benefits. Extreme Nationalism is another problem and illness for an Healthy Nation. They teach to be proud of regional history, they promote regional historical kings as their heroes. They claim that only their caste, their race, their history, were great and glorious. They believe if you are not like them, you are Traitor!
Being Anti-National, Anti-Patriotic are not bad and sometimes it’s good to be Anti-National, Anti-Patriotic. Nijam-Ul-Mulk was not traitor. He found Moghuls had lost values so he built his own State and in 1947 his land was the biggest most kingdom of this South-Asian Sub Continent. An Earthian also can be considered Anti-National & Anti-Patriotic but He Loves his Planet more than Nation.
Patriotism is a feeling. One can show and express this feeling. One can salute flags, say only my country is great, my land, ..I will not allow outsiders to come and earn here because my land belongs to native people only. .. etc. But, Love, Truth, Justice, Peace, Equality demands more than being just patriotic or nationalist.
We must remember that the Nation and Country is by people. If country or nation becomes more important than people than the Nation and Country are worst. Their people will never have Peace-With-Love! In this kind of lands, Rulers are considered respected and important more than The People. Here people do not have Right to ask their leaders ‘What Have You Done For Us?’ Rather, leader asks People ‘Cannot You Sacrifice For Your Nation/Country/Land?’
Most of the Nations in this world are facing Extreme Nationalism, Patriotism within Nation. Separatists are Patriotic and heroes for their land and their people. I don’t know exactly but I think, dictators have been claiming themselves to be Patriotic and this is how their opponents were considered Traitors, Anti-Patriotic, Anti-Nationalists. They successfully stimulated feelings of people and used to achieve Power. Robespierre was Nationalist, Patriotic, Traitor, Separatist or what?
If one Loves his land, his country, his nation, their people, rivers, air, ..he can Love people, air, rivers, birds ..of other nations too.
I Love the mohalla I was born in, I Love Kosmi, I Love people of Kosmi. I Love Balaghat, I Love people of Balaghat. I Love MP, I Love people of MP. I Love India, I Love people of India. I Love South Asian Subcontinent and I Love its people. I Love Earth Planet, I’m an Earthian though I Love this Universe, Sun, Moon, Stars..
02:07am Sunday 19th February 2017

Darkness Nourishes Brightness! 

I want to talk,

But I’m afraid to disclose

What I have in my mind.
It’s Damon living there in

The deepest and darkest part

Inside of my mind.
I’m afraid

If you know my Damonic reality

What would you think

What would be your reaction?
Reality is not beautiful

The fake is beloved by all

And truth is abandoned, lied, ignored.
I love my reality,

And the darkness nourishes it.
I’m thankful to the darkness

That brightened the truth.
My words are easy to understand.

I can’t speak in symbolic language.

My words have no other meanings.
Damon lives in Darkness,

And Darkness lives within me,

Carrying the brightness of the Truth.
If you can’t understand my words

Then come and be lost in my silence.

Believe me,

My silence speaks more clearly than my words

And my eyes cry louder than my voice.

12 July 2016

Tuesday, 21:50

बुद्ध : आत्मा, ईश्वर, मृत्यु, धम्म ।


एक बार तथागत बुद्ध से एक विद्वान पंडित ने पूछा-

पंडित- “आप सब लोगों को ये बताते हैं कि आत्मा नहीं, स्वर्ग नहीं, पुनर्जन्म नहीं। क्या यह सत्य है?”

बुद्ध- “आपको ये किसने बताया कि मैंने ऐसा कहा?”

पंडित- “नहीं ऐसा किसी ने बताया नहीं।”

बुद्ध – “फिर मैंने ऐसे कहा ये बताने वाले व्यक्ति को आप जानते हो?

पंडित- “नहीं।”

बुद्ध- “मुझे ऐसा कहते हुए आपने कभी सुना है?”

पंडित- “नहीं तथागत, पर लोगों की चर्चा सुनकर ऐसा लगा। अगर ऐसा नहीं है तो आप क्या कहते हैं?”

बुद्ध- “मैं कहता हूँ कि मनुष्य को वास्तविक सत्य स्वीकारना चाहिए।”

पंडित- “मैं समझा नहीं, तथागत. कृपया सरलता में बताइये।”

बुद्ध- “मनुष्य की पांच बाह्यज्ञानेंद्रिय हैं। जिनकी मदद से वह सत्य को समझ सकता है।”
1. आँखें- मनुष्य आँखों से देखता है।
2. कान- मनुष्य कानो से सुनता है।
3. नाक- मनुष्य नाक से श्वास लेता है।
4. जिव्हा- मनुष्य जिव्हा से स्वाद लेता है।
5. त्वचा- मनुष्य त्वचा से स्पर्श महसूस करता है।

इन पांच ज्ञानेन्द्रियों में से दो या तीन ज्ञानेन्द्रियों की मदद से मनुष्य सत्य जान सकता है।

पंडित- “कैसे तथागत?”

बुद्ध- “आँखों से पानी देख सकते है, पर वह ठण्डा है या गर्म है, ये जानने के लिए त्वचा की मदद लेनी पड़ती  है। वह मीठा है या नमकीन ये जानने के लिए जिव्हा की मदत लेनी पड़ती है।

पंडित- “फिर भगवान है या नहीं इस सत्य को कैसे जानेंगे तथागत?”

बुद्ध- “आप वायु को देख सकते है?”

पंडित- “नहीं तथागत।”

बुद्ध- “इसका मतलब वायु नहीं है ऐसा होता है क्या?”

पंडित- “नहीं तथागत।”

बुद्ध- “वायु दिखती नहीं फिर भी हम उसका अस्तित्व नकार नहीं सकते, क्योंकि हम वायु को ही हम साँस के द्वारा अंदर लेते है और बाहर निकालते हैं। जब वायु का झोक़ा आता है, तब पेड़-पत्ते हिलते है, ये हम देखते हैं और महसूस करते हैं। अब आप बताओ भगवान हमें पांच ज्ञानेन्द्रियों से महसूस होता है?

पंडित- “नहीं तथागत।”

बुद्ध- “आपके माता पिता ने देखा है, ऐसे उन्होंने आपको बताया है?”

पंडित- “नहीं तथागत।”

बुद्ध- “फिर परिवार के किसी पूर्वज ने देखा है, ऐसा आपने सुना है?”

पंडित- “नहीं तथागत।”

बुद्ध- “मैं यही कहता हूँ कि जिसे आज तक किसी ने देखा नहीं, जिसे हमारी ज्ञानेन्द्रियों से जान नहीं सकते, वह सत्य नहीं है, इसलिए उसके बारे में सोचना व्यर्थ है।”

पंडित- “वह ठीक है तथागत, पर हम जिन्दा हैं, इसका मतलब हमारे अंदर आत्मा है, ये आप मानते हैं या नहीं?”

बुद्ध- “मुझे बताइये, मनुष्य मरता है. मतलब क्या होता है?”

पंडित- “आत्मा शरीर के बाहर निकल जाती है, तब मनुष्य मर जाता है।”

बुद्ध- “मतलब आत्मा नहीं मरती है?”

पंडित- “नहीं तथागत, आत्मा अमर है।”

बुद्ध- “आप कहते है आत्मा कभी मरती नहीं, आत्मा अमर है। तो ये बताइये आत्मा शरीर छोड़ती है या शरीर आत्मा को??”

पंडित- “आत्मा शरीर को छोड़ती है तथागत।”

बुद्ध- “आत्मा शरीर क्यों छोड़ती है?”

पंडित- “जीवन ख़त्म होने के बाद छोड़ती है।”

बुद्ध- “अगर ऐसा है तो मनुष्य कभी मरना नहीं चाहिए। दुर्घटना, बीमारी, घाव लगने के बाद भी बिना उपचार के जीना चाहिए। बिना आत्मा की मर्ज़ी के मनुष्य नहीं मर सकता।”

पंडित- “आप सही कह रहे है तथागत। पर मनुष्य में प्राण हैं, उसे आप क्या कहेंगे?”

बुद्ध- “आप दीपक जलाते हैं?”

पंडित- “हाँ, तथागत।”

बुद्ध- “दीपक यानि एक छोटा दिया, उसमें तेल, तेल में बाती और उसे जलाने के लिए अग्नि चाहिए, ठीक है?”

पंडित- “हाँ, तथागत।”

बुद्ध- “फिर मुझे बताइये, बाती कब बुझती है?”

पंडित- “तेल ख़त्म होने के बाद दीपक बुझता है, तथागत।”

बुद्ध- “और?”

पंडित- “तेल है पर बाती ख़त्म हो जाती है, तब दीपक बुझता है, तथागत।”

बुद्ध- “इसके साथ तेज वायु के प्रवाह से, बाती पर पानी डालने से, या दिया टूट जाने पर भी दीपक
बुझ सकता है।

अब मनुष्य के शरीर को एक दीपक समझ लेते हैं और प्राण मतलब अग्नि यानि ऊर्जा। सजीवों का देह चार तत्वों से बना है।
1) पृथ्वी- घनरूप पदार्थ यानि मिटटी
2) जल- द्रवरूप पदार्थ यानि पानी, स्निग्ध और तेल
3) वायु- अनेक प्रकार की हवा का मिश्रण
4) तेज- ऊर्जा, ताप, उष्णता

इसमें से एक पदार्थ अलग कर देंगे ऊर्जा और ताप का निर्माण होना रुक जायेगा, मनुष्य निष्क्रिय हो जायेगा। इसे ही मनुष्य की मृत्यु कहा जाता है। इसलिये आत्मा भी भगवान की तरह अस्तित्वहीन है। यह सब चर्चा व्यर्थ है। इससे धम्म का समय व्यर्थ हो जाता है।”

पंडित- “जी तथागत, फिर धम्म क्या है और इसका उद्देश्य क्या है?”

बुद्ध- “धम्म अँधेरे से प्रकाश की ओर ले जाने वाला मार्ग है। धम्म, मनुष्यों का उद्देश्य मनुष्य के जन्म के बाद मृत्यु तक कैसे जीवन जीना है, इसका मार्गदर्शन करना है। कौन से कार्य करने से कौन से परिणाम होंगे, और मानव जीवन किस तरह से सुखमय और दुःखमुक्त हो सकता है, इसका मार्गदर्शन धम्म ही मनुष्य को करता है।”

पंडित- “धन्यवाद तथागत।”

बुद्ध- “भवतु सब्ब मंगलं”

Truth Covered Under Beautiful Words

The reason governments around the world say that soldiers are “fighting for the flag” is because it sounds way better than the truth: which is that they are fighting for bureaucrats and politicians.
Now let’s face it, most politicians are assholes. So really, if we are honest, we would tell the troops: “hey, come fight and die for assholes”. But that doesn’t sound good …so we make up this thing about a flag…which really doesn’t make much sense either because it’s a piece of cloth.
~ Bruce Fenton

(The passage was just copied and pasted here from Bruce Fenton’s Facebook page)

I said to my friend “I just want a healthy body and enough money/wealth, rest I will buy what I need. My friend laughed and said “Man, You said the truth”.

See, truth is generally, deliberately hidden or coverd under beautiful words and public (not all the public but the sheeple) are kept fooled by making such sweet sounding words rather than works by their servants in parliament, priests in worship-buildings, and thugs in bazaars.

How beautifully one can make fool to others has more possibility to be successful in his field, because sheeple want entertainment, mental relaxation, feeling of security and assurance for future. Sheeple want to sleep, forever, but Shepherds run this world and Wolves change the world.

I know how to speak good. Once, when I was in class 11th, I used to go 7 kilometres far to pay electricity bill. I was in Que, and an old man was trying to come forward breaking the que. I helped and let him paid his bill before me. Other people qued there took an objection and start arguing with me. I started proffessing how to support and respect our elders, our parents, that we all are going to be old one day and we should keep this in our mind, so we must help elders, etc. I spoke there for at least 3 minutes continue and found everything there was quiet, listening me. Though I had paid my electricity bill already, I stayed there for the speech, and people arguing with me were convinced. I suddenly created my positive image within few minuts using some ‘good’ words, hence they were still in que.